The Twelve (De Twaalf): Who’s who in the Belgian crime drama?

All4/Walter Presents’ next binge-worthy crime series is Belgian story, The Twelve (De Twaalf).

And it’s a good one. Our review will follow tomorrow, but until then we’ve put together a who’s who guide – there are a lot of characters, a lot of intertwining stories and some real twists and turns.

Set in the city of Ghent it follows the high-profile, tense court case, which sees a schoolteacher in the dock, accused of murdering her best friend and her daughter.


Frie Palmers (Maaike Cafmeyer)

Everything revolve around Frie Palmers – a school teacher who is accused of murdering not only her best friend in 2000, but her baby daughter. Two heinous crimes, but is this complex character who has been through deep pain and loss guilty?


Stefaan De Munck (Johan Heldenbergh)

Connected to both cases is Stefaan De Munck – a man who got together with Frie after the murder of his (pregnant) partner Brechtje, also Frie’s best friend. After Frie fell pregnant with their daughter Roos, Stefaan did the dirty on her, too, and left her for Margot.

Margot (Greet Verstraete)

Stefaan’s pregnant partner Margot worked at the same school a Frie, and soon became romantically involved. But the toll of Stefaan’s past and Frie’s manipulative ways soon get on top of her during the court case. What role does she play in the mystery?

Marc Vindevogel (Koen De Sutter)

Marc is the father of Brechtje, and is convinced that Frie did not kill his daughter. An animal rights activist, he’s locked horns with hormone dealer Guy Vanneste, one of the main suspects in Brechtje’s murder.


Holly Ceusters (Charlotte De Bruyne)

Forthright and free Holly is the foreman on the jury, but she’s hiding a past that soon comes to light. Will her past trauma endanger her position on the jury?

Noël Marinus (Piet De Praitere)

Quiet and always on the outside, Noël has his secrets, too – he’s had affairs and is battling sex addiction. Some of his actions during the trial could get him into trouble.

Arnold Briers (Peter Gorissen)

Arnold is grieving the loss of his wife, and the environment around him is starting to fall apart – his neighbours are constantly noisy, and the monkeys he looks after at a sanctuary are showing signs of anti-social behaviour. Add in the tension of being on a jury in a high-profile case, and Arnold’s life is unravelling quickly.

Delphine Spijkers (Maaike Neuville)

Mum-of-three Delphine is the reserve member of the jury but plays a major role in The Twelve. She’s married to Mike, a jealous, possessive man who does not like her being on the jury and away from the children. Can she – and her marriage – survive the trial?

Joeri Cornille (Tom Vermeir)

Joeri is the alpha-male of the jury, but soon his world comes tumbling down – co-owner of a construction business with his brother, an on-site accident forces him to reassess his life and reset his own moral compass. He also grows (very) close with one of his fellow jury members.

Carl Destoop (Zouzou Ben Chikha)

Fidgety and officious, Carl is father to Juliette – a teenager who has just been diagnosed with autism. Struggling to take in the diagnosis, he also locks horns with fellow members of the jury who see him as nervous and overly prickly.

The Twelve (De Twaalf): From Sunday 18th October, 11pm, Channel 4 (then all episodes on All4/Walter Presents)

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