REVIEW The Sister (S1 E2/4)

The second episode of Neil Cross’s psychological thriller The Sister continued tonight on ITV, with Nathan’s predicament getting more serious with every minute.

You may remember that in last night’s opening episode, old ‘friend’ Bob appeared out of the blue telling him that a construction company were about to dig up some nearby woods to start building new houses on. Unfortunately, these woods were where they had buried the body of Elise Fox seven years previously.

To complicate matters, Nathan had married Elise’s sister Holly some years later, who was still grieving for her.

In this second episode, we saw more of what happened on that fateful night although the real truth is yet to be revealed.

We watched as Nathan had spotted Elise at the New Year’s Eve party, only to be interrupted by Bob, who offered Nathan a line or two of naughty in a separate room. Bob is an interesting character – played to hammy perfection by Bertie Carvel – and is full of intense, conspiracy-fuelled conversation. He’s the type of person who you don’t really want to be lumbered with at parties because you’d never get rid of him.

As Nathan walked through the woods after the party on his way home, Elise appeared from nowhere and they flirted until Bob also turned up out of nowhere, offering them a lift to carry on the party somewhere else. They ended up snorting more lines together in the car.

In the woods.

So it’s pretty clear that whatever happened to Elise happened on that night, at that time, in that car. We’re still waiting to see it.

The major development in this episode was the introduction of Holly’s friend Jacki, a police detective. As we jumped up and down the timeline, we saw her interview Nervous Nathan in the immediate aftermath of Elise’s disappearance, and then incredulous as she met him again at Holly’s engagement party years later.

Like us, she was wondering why a man who she interviewed in connection with the disappearance of Holly’s sister was now marrying Holly. It’s a question and situation that stretches the bounds of credibility, and the introduction of Jacki just makes Nathan even more nervous.

But why did he marry Holly? It’s all yet to all make sense.

By the end of the episode, and in the present day, when Holly tells Jacki about a mysterious Bob that has emerged out of nowhere and seems to be commanding all of Nathan’s attention at the moment, Jacki’s police radar goes into overdrive.

While she’s confirming her worst fears, Bob and Nathan are out in the woods digging up Elise’s remains. Throughout the episode Bob was desperate to move the bones, while Nathan thought it was better to leave them there. Bob had threatened him and even employed some emotional blackmail to get him onside, but one thing was clear – Bob was unstable and unfortunately for Nathan, he was bound to him because of this one, tragic incident from their past.

Their relationship is perhaps the most interesting element of this story at the moment, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it evolves as time goes by – will Bob leave Nathan alone now he’s done what he wanted? If not, will their relationship deteriorate to the point of all-out war?

(Other questions we have are: what did happen to poor Elise in the back of that car? Did Nathan and Bob really murder her? AND WHAT THE HELL WAS NATHAN THINKING WHEN HE MARRIED HOLLY?)

Like last night, this episode of The Sister was atmospheric and creepy in places, especially when the paranormal elements kicked in, but you really do have to suspend disbelief and go with it to get some enjoyment out of it. Which, for some, will be difficult.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 3 out of 5.



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