Sky Atlantic name transmission date for Trackers

Are you ready for some Mzansi Noir?

Adapted from acclaimed author Deon Meyer’s crime novel, Trackers features three stories colliding explosively in Cape Town in an action-packed thriller featuring organised crime, smuggled diamonds, state security, black rhinos, the CIA and an international terrorist plot.

In rural Loxton, South Africa, Lemmer (James Gracie) reluctantly embarks on a shadowy smuggling operation. Meanwhile, Cape Town’s Presidential Bureau of Intelligence launches a high-stakes, covert investigation into a terrorist plot after a police informant blows the whistle on a meeting between local Islamic extremists and Suleiman Daoud (Emmanuel Castis), a senior Al Qaeda operative.

As PBI chief Janina Mentz (Sandi Schultz) carefully directs the sting, special agent Quinn is eager to make an arrest – and Milla, a housewife who’s escaped an abusive suburban existence, lands a job as a researcher on the team.

Trackers: Friday 6th November, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

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