The Valhalla Murders: What’s it about and when is it on?

The Valhalla Murders – or Brot in its native Icelandic – is the next big Nordic Noir to hit the UK.

But what’s it about and when will it be on?

What’s The Valhalla Murders about?

Police profiler, Arnar, is out of his depth when he is ordered against his will to travel from Copenhagen to Reykjavik to help investigate Iceland’s first serial killer case – a gruesome series of murders where elderly men have been abused and butchered in a horrific manner. Arriving in Iceland, Arnar is quickly paired up with senior inspector Kata, who is not happy with his involvement as she is the lead detective on the case and now feels demoted by his arrival.

Despite the underlying conflict between them, they have to find a way to set their differences aside and work together in order to catch the killer before he strikes again. They arrest a teenager who was seen leaving the scene were victim number two was found. It is quickly established that he could not have killed the men but it is obvious to the police he is not telling them everything he knows.

The deeper they dig, the more it becomes apparent that the case about the murder victims is connected with things that took place in the past. As a connection emerges to an old child abuse case from the early 1980s, they find new evidence that leads them to ongoing child abuse in the heart of Reykjavik today. The question is, what is the connection between these older men and if there is one, why are they being killed?

As the series goes deeper into the darkness of Iceland we also delve deeper into the central characters’ troubling backstories. 

Who stars in The Valhalla Murders?

Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir stars as Kata, and you might have seen her before – she played Andri Ólafsson’s estranged wife, Agnes, in Trapped. The 46-year-old, Reykjavik-born actress also appeared in Icelandic prison drama Fangar.

Icelandic actor Björn Thors plays Arnar, and he also appeared in Fangar alongside Nína.

Elsewhere, new police chief Helga is played by Tinna Hrafnsdóttir, who currently stars in the new Icelandic political drama The Minister, alongside Trapped’s Ólafur Darri Ólafsson.

Where was The Valhalla Murders filmed?

The action takes place in and around the suburbs of Reykjavik, although Valhalla itself – a children’s home with a history – is an hour-and-a-half from Borgarnes, itself an hour or so north of Iceland’s capital city.

Where else can you watch The Valhalla Murders?

Although the series will be broadcast on BBC Four in the UK, elsewhere the series can be watched on Netflix. In Iceland it appeared on the national broadcaster, RÚV.

When does it start in the UK?

The Valhalla Murder begins on Saturday 21st November at 9pm on BBC Four. The eight-part series will be shown in double-bills.


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