Acorn TV acquires Operation Buffalo and names transmission date

Inspired by true events, Operation Buffalo is a satiric thriller with a dark edge, that shines a light on a little known and highly controversial part of Australia’s modern history – the British nuclear testing in the South Australia Outback at the height of the Cold War.

The six-part series has been acquired by Acorn TV for UK broadcast and tells the tale of undercover operations and questionable behaviour at a time where no one knew who to trust or what to believe.

The year is 1956 and the Menzies Government has welcomed British atomic bomb testing at remote, ‘uninhabited’ Maralinga. Major Leo Carmichael, played by Ewen Leslie is the high-ranking military engineer running the show. He must pick up the slack left by the ageing and incompetent General “Cranky” Crankford (James Cromwell) and get the base ready for a surprise visit from some very important guests. 

With the imminent arrival of the British High Commissioner (William Zappa) along with Australian Attorney-General (Tony Martin) and Defence Minister (Alan Dukes), things start to fall apart. First, someone disappears from the base, then meteorologist Eva Lloyd-George (Jessica de Gouw) sent by M16, arrives to investigate a critical data leak. 

Operation Buffalo: From Monday 7th December, Acorn TV

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