NORDIC NOIR Swedish ‘Agatha Christie’ series in the works

Agatha Christie is an enduring force in crime fiction and on TV.

Now we have a new Christie-based series, from Sweden.

According to Expressen, “Agatha Christie’s Sven Hjerson is the first TV series that is freely based on Agatha Christie’s stories and murder mysteries and is described as “a modern, playful and exciting puzzle detective with a twinkle in her eye”.”

Johan Rheborg will play Sven Hjerson and Hanna Alström will play his ‘sidekick’ Klara Sandberg, a former trash TV producer who successfully pitches a true-life crime show starring Hjerson, who will solve a real crime each week. 

Sven Hjerson was a character invented by writer Ariadne Oliver, a character in Christie’s novels.

The channel says that four film are on the slate and will transmit in 2021 on Swedish channel CMore. No UK broadcaster has been announced yet.

A spokesperson for the channel says: “To be able to take on something as ancient as parts of Agatha Christie’s literary universe and turn it into a TV series is a [dream]. This is a big challenge and I am so proud that we have been entrusted with managing something that has never been produced on television before. With the best team behind and in front of the camera, we will deliver a modern puzzle [series] today. In these times, I think more than ever we need to be entertained and seek escapism in something that is equal parts [nostalgia], equal parts innovative – the classic whodunit game in a whole new costume. ”

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