Could Spiral be getting a spin-off series this year?

Spiral is almost half-way through its final series on BBC Four.

The revered French crime drama is due to end at the end of the run, bringing a close to one of the most popular and influential foreign-language series ever to come to UK screens.

But news reaches us that this might be the end for Spiral.

Gérald-Brice Viret of the show’s French home broadcaster, Canal+, told the Culture Médias programme that something was in the pipeline.

Asked if there would be a ninth series of the show, he said: “Maybe, maybe. We are working on a sequel with the teams of Arielle Saracco [Head Of Original Programmes at Canal + ] and Fabrice de La Patellière [Head Of Drama]. “

The eighth series of Spiral (Engrenages in French) aired in France in September, so the question is this: if there is to be a new series of Spiral when will it air and who will be in it?

It’s unclear whether the current cast are featured in this mooted series.

Watch this space…


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  1. Andy D says:

    A spin-off just about JP where he finally gets some lines


  2. Keith Oswin says:

    Having watched the full series on i-Player (no…I’m not telling!) there are certainly a couple of options that would open up the possibility of a spin-off.

    Whether it would work, however, is open to debate. This is a very disfunctional group of people on all sides of the French legal system (maverick police at every turn, lawyers who are as crooked as the crooks and judges who couldn’t be trusted to run a bath) yet somehow they all blended together into a great series over eight seasons.

    I’d hate to think that Spiral’s legacy would be tainted by trying to milk it one too many times


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