Line Of Duty: What are the latest fan theories?

Line Of Duty really is going like the clappers, sucking diesel or whatever other Tedsim you can think of.

With two consecutive cliffhangers and only two episodes left to go in what could be its final series, it’s only right we take a closer look at a series that is now attracted 15million viewers per episode.

So what are the latest fan theories?

Kate Fleming survives

An eagle-eyed fan spotted something in the series six trailer, which contains random scenes spliced together to make up am enticing whole.

The viewers posted a screengrab from the trailer, and a scene which hasn’t been seen before. It shows Kate Fleming – who, the last we saw, was locked in a deadly armed shoot-out with confirmed wrong ‘un Ryan Pilkington – and Jo Davidson, who were wearing the same clothes from that scene.

Could this be a scene immediately after the shoot-out? We had another look at the series six trailer and there was indeed a scene that showed Kate and Davidson emerging from a car (again wearing the same clothes from the shoot-out), bathed in the light of a police spotlight. Davidson had her hands in the air.

Does this prove Kate survives?

Ted Hastings is a wrong ‘un

Quite apart from other clues or red herrings (or sprats or mackerels, according to Ted and his fishy talk from series five), there was the ‘definately’ moment.

Davidson was using the same encrypted messenger service John Corbett and Lisa McQueen used in series five to communicate with ‘H’. During their chats, the OCG bigwig tellingly spelled definitely wrong (‘definately’). Later we saw the Ted Hastings also mispelled the same word, drawing suspision.

And now, ‘definately’ is back. But with only one H left to find, has this put Ted Hastings back in the frame?

How is Jo Davidson related to Tommy Hunter exactly?

It’s pretty obvious that Jo Davidson has been blackmailed by the OCG to carry out their work, and she’s been torn apart because if it.

We also know that she is a blood relative of Tommy Hunter, the original gangsta.

But a semi-hidden clue in last Sunday’s episode five, spelled out a potentially horrifying source of DNA – incest.

Arnott mumbled the word ‘homozygosity’ in the briefing, which, from a cursory Google, means “Homozygous describes the genetic condition or the genetic state where an individual has inherited the same DNA sequence for a particular gene from both their biological mother and their biological father.”

Jo is not only hiding the fact that she is Hunter’s blood relative, but also the fact there may be something even more sinister. Could this be the reason the OCG has her under their thumb?

Is Carmichael ‘H’?

This one is just plain silly.

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  1. Keith says:

    IS the last one just plain silly? Maybe that path to the answer is a little far fetched but how about H for ‘Hogie’ Carmichael…?

    You know how institutions love their nicknames…

    My cliffhanger guess is that Kate does survive because Jo has been secretly carrying a gun (you know how paranoid she is with all those locks) and finally realises the only way she’ll be free from Ryan is to shoot the little s**t… If Ted was H he’d probably be well aware of this incident beforehand and would have no reason to rush off and save Kate if it would rid him of one nemesis…


  2. Patty says:

    Still clinging to my belief, however misguided it might be, that Ted is not “H”. He was interrogated once before about “definately” by Carmichael, so that leaves Ted and Carmichael knowing about that particular misspell. Interesting. If he were “H”, would he leave the same calling card twice? I suspect Ted’s got something going on the side legal or otherwise that no one knows about yet, but it’s not running the OCG.

    Perhaps the reason Jo threw something at the photo of herself and her presumed mother is that she is the product of incest and it ruined her life. Perhaps her uncle forced himself on his sister. At the same time, she may be crying but she handed over Kate to be killed rather than go to AC-12, so not too much sympathy for her.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      All fun discussion points, though, Patty!


  3. brocky2k1 says:



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