REVIEW Blinded: Those Who Kill (S2 E5&6/8)

At the end of episode four of Blinded: Those Who Kill, Alice Ejbye was murdered by Peter Vinge. Or at least it looked that way.

Terminally-ill Alice didn’t have long left so she thought she’d take matters into her own hands and try to draw her son’s killer out from the shadows to deliver the kind of justice she thought he deserved.

However, after her plan seemed to be working, Peter proved to be one step ahead.

So we knew that he had killed Alice, even though it cut away at the vital moment.

To my surprise, the police did not know this, with Karina and the team driving the narrative in the opening moments of episode five that Alice had taken her own life.

Say what now?

And most, if not all, of the fifth episode showed the team trying to determine whether she had or not.

I know this series is predicated on the audience knowing what happens before the characters do, but this felt too much of a stretch. In fact, you could say that this episode was at the very least frustrating and at worst superfluous in the extreme.

Louise, for her part, was all ready to move back to Copenhagen until her Spidey sense kicked in (of course it did). Apropos of nothing, she concluded that it had been the serial killer who had returned to kill Alice because of the way she goaded him in the Facebook video that went viral.

Once they had found proof of the killer’s presence in the house, they endeavoured to find out who this guy was once and for all.

The team managed to find links between the USB stick Peter used to show Alice the video of her son being killed before he killed her, so they were on to something there. Or at least, Louise did.

(As these episodes progressed, I began to realise why the police team hadn’t manage to solve the case. As much as I like Karina as a character, they’ve been quite rubbish when it comes to investigative work.)

One thing that did work in these episodes was the relationship between Peter and Louise. By the mid-way point of episode six, the two had bumped into each other randomly twice – once in a queue for the toilet at a restaurant and now in a petrol station. And the two met again when Louise returned the money Peter had shouted her at said petrol station.

The fact that the audience knew what and who Peter is, and Louise does not, really did help to create tension and a sense of ‘oh no Louise, don’t it’.

But they did.

Oh, they did it alright.

There was obvious chemistry between the two right from the get-go and the two ended up sleeping together at the end of episode six. In his house. Right next to his garage where foul deeds had been planned.

There is a sense that the police – and Louise – are closing in on the killer, and Peter felt it, too. (Although, let’s be fair here – Karina and the team had missed the Masja connection, for a start, and Louise is now shagging the killer… so….)

Peter’s relationship with Johannes became strained, with the young teen even telling people that his dad goes out for hours on end at night.

Someone soon is going to tell someone something.

(There was an interesting scene where Johannes and his young friend and his dad spent some time at the latter’s summer house. They had caught what looked like a mackerel and there was a scene where the dad bashed the fish over the head and gutted it in front of the kids. Now, this is probably very normal, but why show it in such graphic detail? They say that, often, the first signs of psychopathy in a child is when he or she performs the senseless killing of an animal, and becomes not only fascinated and emotionally detached. Is this just symbolism or a crucial moment in young Johannes’ life? Will son take after father?)

As for Louise, she will no doubt see something something – or even feel something, as she has a wont to do – inside Peter’s house and put herself in danger.

Let’s see how this one lands next week.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 3 out of 5.



Blinded: Those Who Kill is on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer in its entirety in the UK

4 Comments Add yours

  1. John Dutton says:

    Now, I quite like the police team but hope never to rely on Danish police in the real world ! I have quite liked the series until last night where, for us, it has been downgraded a bit to ‘ Well, I’ve started, so i might as well finish”.
    Just felt that the series of random meetings between Peter and Louise stretched the credibility too much. Bit too predictable but will watch next week to confirm my suspicions! It’s all a bit fishy!!!! But, a better choice than Eurovision song contest.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elaine says:

    Paul, I totally agree with you about episode 5. The whole time I was thinking, ‘how do the police in Funen solve any cases unless they have Louise there?’ And it was a bit OTT. And John I agree with you regarding the sixth episode (sorry Paul, got to disagree with you on this), it was coincidence after coincidence leading to a predictable trope. It just annoyed me, and it has now become a ‘can’t wait until it finishes’ series. Which is a shame as the team had potential but sadly because Louise has to shine they can’t.


  3. Keith Oswin says:

    My money is on Peter’s phone ringing when he’s in the bathroom and Louise seeing ‘Masja’ on the screen. Will she manage to put 2+2 together?


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