Channel 5 reveals first look at Dalgliesh amid slate of new crime dramas

Channel has revealed a slate of new drama, including a first-look at the new version of Dalgliesh – based on PD James’ best-selling novels and starring Bertie Carvel – in a new trailer.

The UK channel will roll out its new slate from next month.

First look images show Bertie Carvel feature as Inspector Adam Dalgliesh in Dalgliesh, and Sheridan Smith as Jenna in The Teacher who finds herself accused of a drunken sexual encounter with one of her pupils in the upcoming psychological thriller. 

Channel 5 has also given a first look of Charlie Brooks who stars as Anna Fallmont in Lie With Me, centred on the chilling tale of Anna and her family who move to Australia after infidelity rocks her marriage.

They hire a young local nanny who isn’t as innocent as she appears, and deadly consequences follow.

Jill Halfpenny is shown as Kate in The Holiday based on T.M. Logan’s bestseller of the same name. Set in the stifling Mediterranean heat, Kate uncovers a secret: her husband is having an affair. The dream holiday quickly becomes a nightmare when she suspects the other woman is one of her best friends. As Kate closes in on the truth, she realises too late that the stakes are far higher than she ever imagined.

Also featured in the trailer is a snippet from six-part thriller The Reluctant Madame Blanc created by Sally Lindsay and Sue Vincent. Sally leads the cast as Jean White, a renowned antiques dealer who finds herself, by accident in the South of France. Sally has co-written the series with Sue who takes on the role of Gloria, who quickly becomes Jean’s friend.

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