NORDIC NOIR Premiere date for Hjerson confirmed

Last year we brought you news that Hjerson – a fictional character penned by a fictional character Ariadne Oliver, who is a mystery crime writer that appears in a number of Agatha Christie novels. According to Agatha Christie herself, Ariadne bears certain similarities to herself.

Now we know when Hjerson will air in its native Sweden.

Johan Rheborg will play Sven Hjerson and Hanna Alström will play his ‘sidekick’ Klara Sandberg, a former trash TV producer who successfully pitches a true-life crime show starring Hjerson, who will solve a real crime each week. 

The four, feature-length films will air on 16th August on C More, while the series will start rolling on 24th August on TV4. 

There’s no news on whether this has been picked up by a UK channel, but as soon as we know, you’ll know.


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  1. MuradKing says:

    Looking forward to seeing this.


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