REVIEW Yr Amgueddfa (S1 E2/6)

Fflur Dafydd’s six-part thriller Yr Amgueddfa laid down some intriguing markers in its opening episode (yes, I know I’m late on this but I’ve had a stressful, busy couple of weeks and haven’t had a chance to write down my thoughts).

Lest we forget, Yr Amgueddfa tells the story of museum boss Della who launches into a torrid, illicit affair with the mysterious Caleb, a troubled young man half her age.

From that first episode, we know that Caleb ‘has a past’ so the intrigue centred around what kind of past Caleb actually has.

Sure enough, we found out more in episode two.

We saw Caleb visit with probation officer Kay who brought out his file. A file marked ‘violent offender’. It seems that Caleb recently got out of prison and is now trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Answering questions from Kay in a perfunctory fashion, he did mention he was seeing someone. Not who or why, just someone.

And that someone, of course, was Della. At the end of episode one she issued an ultimatum – I’ll sleep with you once and then you leave my life. Caleb seemed up for that, but you just knew this homme fatale wouldn’t leave it at that.

And so it proved.

Caleb sneaked back into her life, charming her with a vase (he had ordered online, from somewhere, probably not Wish) and then craftily turning up at Della’s own house for her mother’s birthday party. He had snuck in thanks to his own Trojan horse – Della’s smitten son, Daniel. In that house was Della’s unsuspecting husband Alun (look out for an uncomfortable role playing scene between Della and Alun designed to reignite some passion into their relationship… which absolutely didn’t work), and daughter Marged, and Della’s snipey work colleague Sadie and Elfryn.

And yet for all of her suspicion and shock at Caleb being there – in her house – all it took for her to collapse into his arms was one sultry look. The had a clinch on the stairwell and someone saw it.

So it’s all bubbling up and you have this feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, because as the affair becomes riskier and riskier, it will no doubt be revealed.

The scenes in the house were delicious in their invention and choreography. They made us feel maximum anxiety as Caleb circled his prey like a vulture.

And yet there’s more to consider here.

How did Caleb get hold of a vase so expensive and from whom? What relationship does Caleb have with his boss at the charity shop, Fioled? What did he do time for? And what is going on with Marged and Lisa?

All to play for.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Yr Amgueddfa is on S4C, S4C Clic and BBC’s iPlayer in the UK

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  1. Elaine says:

    So pleased you are reviewing this, Paul, hope your busy weeks are calming down. Thank you for the review.


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