REVIEW Yr Amguedffa (S1 E5/6)

I’m calling this now: Yr Amguedffa is the craziest, most fun, most bonkers crime drama you’ll see all year. Just when you think it’s going in one direction, it careers off onto another entirely unexpectedly. There’s some mad, warped genius behind this, and this episode – the penultimate pennod – revealed so much and then…

REVIEW Yr Amgueddfa (S1 E4/6)

After last week’s episode of Yr Amgeuddfa (episode three, I should say… S4C seems to have dropped a cheeky fourth episode in the middle of last week, before its regular Sunday-night slot) I needed a cold shower. The twists, and the turns and the revelations came thick and fast in a breathless crime drama tsunami….