REVIEW Yr Amguedffa (S1 E5/6)

I’m calling this now: Yr Amguedffa is the craziest, most fun, most bonkers crime drama you’ll see all year.

Just when you think it’s going in one direction, it careers off onto another entirely unexpectedly. There’s some mad, warped genius behind this, and this episode – the penultimate pennod – revealed so much and then went off in yet another direction.

What started off as a relatively simple and enthralling domestic noir (of sorts) has ended up as a twisted tale of vengeance, redemption and adventure. And art crime.

We perhaps always knew that art crime was at the heart of this story, but we certainly didn’t know what or how.

And now we do.

This episode all began when Dan and Margs burst into the family home, telling Della that they had been robbed by Caleb and The Man In Black. Already strung out by her disastrous conversation with Sadie – and the wine she had guzzled (there is a lot of wine consumed in this series) – the situation was compounded when Alun stormed in and demanded to know what was going on. It all came out. Caleb’s record, the affair, the everything.

It was a very well-played scene, full of exactly the kind of emotion that you required from such a huge reveal. Alun was angry and tearful, and Della now had nothing. She moved into her mum’s.

And that’s when the remaining pillars of her world came tumbling down. Della asked her mother about the letter Caleb and his pal had stolen. Elinor told her that her father – boss at the museum before his daughter – had fallen in love with Violed, who demanded items from the museum as gifts. But she always wanted more and more, leading to a demand for a Rembrandt painting. Della’s father refused, but knew she would steal it herself. So he stole it and had hidden it. That’s what the letter contained – encoded instructions on where to find it.

The Interlude showed the full extent of Violed’s power and reach. It was her who engineered Caleb’s early release from prison, and it was her who paid to keep his family’s house. As she showed him around her lair – because she really was a Bond-like villain that had an actual lair – he saw an attic full of criminals Violed had ‘saved’ from prison producing fake pieces of art. And she was hell-bent on finding that missing Rembrandt, which is why she skilfully manoeuvred and manipulated Caleb into position and he did her bidding without even knowing it was her who was behind it all.

The third and final act saw Della go rogue and, like a woman with nothing left to lose, become hell-bent on retrieving that painting herself and bringing Violed down.

And we haven’t even mentioned Mags being drugged by Lisa and Mark after she refused to them permission to use one of her eggs for IVF treatment (I’m still not sure how this storyline fits into the grand scheme of things) and Elfryn’s plan to oust Della from her job by pinning a fake Renoir on her.

See, I told you it was bonkers. But the best, enjoyable kind of bonkers.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 4 out of 5.





Yr Amgueddfa is on S4C, S4C Clic and BBC’s iPlayer in the UK

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  1. Elaine says:

    It truly is bonkers! I spent most of the episode thinking ‘would you really go to such lengths to get the top job in a museum?’ To ‘would you really go to such lengths to have a baby?’ To ‘isn’t Dan a bit thick regarding Caleb’! To ‘is a black suit and tie now the uniform of minions’? I think Sadie might be the hero of the hour and she certainly seems to be the only decent person in the whole show…. Do like the way the story is told from different perspectives. But bonkers! Totally bonkers!


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