NORDIC NOIR Viaplay releases first trailer for Furia

Norwegian thriller Furia is coming to Nordic streaming service Viaplay very soon, and now we have a trailer.

The series, from the creator of Mammon, is inspired by, but not based on, real events of domestic terrorism in Norway and across Europe, most notably the 2011 attacks carried out by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik.

The series follows Ragna, played by Ine Marie Willmann, an undercover operative who has penetrated a far-right extremist terror cell with designs on committing an attack the likes of which Europe has never seen.

It starts on the service in the Nordic territories on 26th September. No UK broadcaster has yet to be announced.

NORDIC NOIR Netflix drops trailer for Swedish crime drama The Unlikely Murderer

Adaptations of real crime stories are all the rage at the moment, and one of the next ones down the pipe is Netflix Swedish crime drama The Unlikely Murderer.

It tells the “fictional interpretation” of how Stig Engström, the graphic designer who was named as the probable murderer of Sweden’s prime minister Olof Palme, managed to elude justice right up to his death through a combination of audacity, luck and a perplexed police force.

The murder of Palme is one of the most significant moments in modern Swedish history.

What do we know about Stig Engström? How could the police let him get away, despite being on his track? The murder was not planned well, Engström did everything wrong from the beginning and almost no one believed his lies about what he actually did during that fateful night 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Robert Gustafsson plays Engström, while the cast also includes Eva Melander, Mikael Persbrandt and Peter Andersson.

Watch out for it – it’s due this autumn.

Charlotte Philby espionage trilogy to be adapted for television

British production company Projector Pictures has acquired a trilogy of novels from author, Charlotte Philby, to adapt for television.

Deadline reports: “Part Of The Family is Philby’s debut novel and was published by Harper Collins in 2019. It was followed up by A Double Life, with the final instalment in the trilogy, The Second Woman, hitting the shelves in July 2021.

“The trilogy, which is linked through its themes and characters, is being adapted under the working title A Double Life.

Part of The Family features Anna Witherallm who appears to have the perfect life.

Married to her university boyfriend David, she has an enviable job, beautiful home, and gorgeous three-year-old twin daughters.

Their competent and capable nanny, Maria, is practically part of the family. But beneath the veneer of success and happiness, Anna is covering up a tragic past and hiding a dark secret, one that threatens to unravel everything she has worked so hard to create.  Ultimately, to protect her children, she must betray them.

Philby told The Killing Times: “I am a huge fan of TV and always watch with interest when my favourite books (Little Drummer Girl/Apple Tree Yard) are translated to screen.

“It’s such an art-form, and I hope to be involved, though having worked for so many years as a journalist I know the value of a good editor and delegating to those more experienced than ourselves!

“It’s trite but it really is a dream to have all three books picked up by a team who so clearly understand what I wanted to do with these books and I can’t wait to see the project come to life!”