BBC confirms transmission date for Paris Police 1900

Saturday night on BBC Four used to be a real thing for fans of foreign-language crime drama.

Sadly it isn’t as much of a thing these days, but the channel still has one or two series up its sleeve.

The next cab off the rank is not Nordic Noir – it’s from France, and it’s called Paris Police 1900.

The series is described as: “A high-end, crafted slice of 1899 Parisian Noir unspooling as the capital seethes with anti-Semitism, violence, riots, conspiracy and the customary women’s subjugation of the age.”

The eight-part series kicks off with a scandal: Felix Faure, president of the French Republic, collapsing and dying after being intimately pleasured by his lover Meg Steinheil.

As anti-semitism rages in Paris – a young newspaper seller is viciously beaten by Anti-Semitic League leader Jules Guérin for merely selling the liberal paper “L’Aurore,” with an article by Emile Zola – a young woman’s torso is found in a suit-case floating down the Seine.

Based out of the Paris Prefecture, its police H.Q., Antoine Jouin, an ambitious but principled young inspector volunteers to investigate – and begin to put together the pieces behind the woman’s death, stumbling on far more evil than a single psychopath.

Paris Police 1900: Saturday 9th October, 9pm, BBC Four

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