REVIEW Hollington Drive (S1 E3/4)

We’re now into the home straight of this tense whodunit, and at the end of episode two it twisted into a new direction. Up until that point we were convinced – or the drama convinced us – that Theresa and Helen’s children (Ben and Eva) were to blame for poor, young Alex Boyd’s death.

And yet, at the end of that episode, we were set down a path of re-focusing on the adults in the piece. Which was great – it was a good twist, and a clever one.

However, to set all that up – all the lying Theresa did, all the behind-the-curtains machinations over at Helen’s place, all the confusion and fear from the kids – you need to explain it all away, and tie some of those loose ends up.

And this is what this third episodes did. It didn’t really offer us anything new in terms of suspects; it almost took a pit stop in order to resolve some issues before moving on to the finale next week.

To begin with, Ben had had enough of feeling like crap and told his mum he wanted to go to the police. Of course, Theresa and Helen were against it. More lying. But with guilt and shame weighing heavily on Theresa and her relationship with Fraser, the truth – or at least some of it – came out towards the end of the episode. It came down to a private conversation with Ben and Georgina for Fraser’s daughter to blow the situation wide open.

Before that, we got Alex’s vigil, Helen breaking things off with Gareth and David and Eddie developing their odd friendship. In fact, I’ll say this – David, with his strange miniature models in the garage, dressing up to meet Eddie… is obviously leading some sort of double life.

With the kids off the hook after Theresa and Helen took them into the police (just like that?), the most interesting aspects of this episode for me was the dynamic between Theresa and Helen. Previously, Theresa seemed to rely on the domineering Helen, but as she threatened to leave the street and the town, Helen broke down and pleaded with her sister not to leave her… because she needed her. It seems this whodunit could also act as some sort of redemptive process for Theresa, and for her to realise that her sister needs her as much as she does.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 3 out of 5.



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