BritBox releases first trailer for Irvin Welsh adaptation Crime

We know that an adaptation of Irvin Welsh’s Crime is coming soon to BritBox.

We now not only know when it’s landing but we’ve also got a trailer.

The series tells the story of Detective Inspector Ray Lennox, a man engaged in a disturbing battle with his own demons, through the demanding and very public medium of serious crime investigations.

Lennox is a man whose clear sight is not always a blessing. A girl goes missing. A town is in fear. A police department fights with itself. A hero is lost; tortured by his own demons and all the while, watching, waiting, a brutal killer is poised to strike.

The series will also star Joanna Vanderham as DS Amanda Drummond, Angela Griffin as Trudi Lowe, Ken Stott as Chief Superintendent Bob Toal and Jamie Sives as Detective Inspector Dougie Gillman.

Look out for it on the streaming platform from 18th November.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. zeke says:

    Aren’t we tired yet of the endless number of “Damaged” Inspectors with Demons? Formula: One substance abuse problem, licked, or underway. Usually misgyny, hidden as best as possible, and always being the one who needs “tending to” by all his colleagues. Sucks all the energy from everyone else.


  2. Judit says:

    Who plays, Detective Lennox? You never mentioned that.


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