REVIEW The Long Call (S1 E2/4)

Episode two of this four-part series really started to click into gear, with revelations aplenty and suspects being presented as if they were on The Generation Game’s conveyor belt.

Rosa’s disappearance at the end of episode one gave urgency to Matthew and Jen, and soon they were able to determine that Walden and Rosa knew each other.

Rosa’s mother had retrieved a necklace found in her bedroom and gave it to Venn. But who gave it to her?

The chalet Walden used to meet Rosa in was cleaned by Gaby, Walden’s ex-flatmate. Who later confessed to having an affair with, and was carrying his baby.

Inside the chalet, Walden’s laptop was found… which later was found to contain messages from an unknown person on a messaging app telling him to stay away from Rosa.

Walden’s other flatmate – Caroline – revealed to boyfriend Ed that her overbearing father Christopher was driving a car that crashed and killed her mother.

And then Maurice let it be known to a young man seen kissing his vulnerable daughter Lucy that he would stop at nothing to protect her.

These were all the clues and little drops in the ocean that this episode provided, and the way they came was very join-the-dots… very linear. One line of enquiry led to another. One piece of evidence’s true nature was revealed later in the episode. It was satisfying and very solid procedural.

And yet, even though things were being revealed (not least Christopher being revealed to be the man who bought Rosa the necklace… a lovechild, maybe?) in a straightforward manner, one thing I wasn’t expecting was the relationship between Venn and his hitherto bitter and stern mother.

The way they began to slowly work things out and begin to understand each other.

In a series that gives us the kind of solid procedural that we’ve seen so many times before, this was an unexpected and welcome piece of character development.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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