NORDIC NOIR Beck releases new trailer for 58 Minuter film

We haven’t had the new Beck films in the UK yet, but they’ll surely be coming.

In Sweden, host service C More is now onto the next one, which will be broadcast on Friday 18th February.

Here’s a trailer for ’58 Minuter’.

Alex Beijer is on morning TV along with the entrepreneur Tomas Tormalm. But in the middle of a live broadcast, an armed man appears and threatens Tormalm and suddenly everyone in the TV studio is drawn into a hostage drama. For the Beck group, it’s a fight against the clock.

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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    Just watched it and this is the best yet of the current series of films! Next up is the very Beckian titled The Crying Policeman.


  2. MuradKing says:

    Waiting for this. I love Beck, one of the best Scandi Noir shows ever!


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