Walter Presents brings back The Hunter for season 2

Italian Mafia drama The Hunter is coming back to the UK for a second season.

Thanks to the Walter Presents brand, the series will from mid-April.

Life is getting back on track for top mafia prosecutor Saverio Barone (Francesco Montanari) – he has finally settled down and is about to marry Giada. But on the day of the wedding, Mafiosi boss Bagarella’s driver decides to spill the beans; Saverio now knows the location of top dog Giovanni Brusca’s hideout. Not able to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Saverio and the police organise a raid on Brusca’s villa. However, they must take more care than usual as one mistake could cost the young boy Giuseppe Di Matteo, held captive by Brusca, his life. Thus begins a dangerous cat-and-mouse chase that Saverio is willing to risk everything to win…

The Hunter (S2): From Friday 15th April, All4


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