Cannes Confidential to debut on Viaplay in 2023

A new romantic comedy crime drama is being developed by Nordic streaming service, Viaplay.

Cannes Confidential sees Camille Delmasse (Lucie Lucas) play a tough cop who can never lie. Harry King (Jamie Bamber) is her exact opposite – the international fraudster who can do nothing but lie. Their paths cross when Harry suddenly becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.

Never before has anyone annoyed Camille as much as Harry does – yet she can not resist being fascinated by him. Camille decides to find out who Harry really is, where he comes from and what he does in her hometown. Slowly but surely, their relationship grows and they suddenly come together to solve a crime in the hot Mediterranean heat. The question is how long will Camille be able to resist Harry’s charm?

The English-language series is set to premiere on the service next year.

Moonlighting, anyone?

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