S4C drop transmission details for Y Golau with Joanna Scanlan and Iwan Rheon

S4C has announced the transmission date for its next Welsh-language series – Y Golau (The Light).

Not only is it a tense thriller, but it boasts the cream of Welsh acting talent, including recent BAFTA winner Joanna Scanlan and Game Of The Thrones star, Iwan Rheon, and Alexandra Roach in the lead roles.

Sharon Roberts (Scanlan) has never stopped grieving the loss of her daughter, Ela. Joe Pritchard (Rheon), a quiet, unassuming gardener, was arrested for Ela’s murder after her DNA was found at his caravan.

Joe confessed to killing Ela but wouldn’t, or couldn’t, say why or what he did with her body.

Journalist Cat Donato (Roach), originally from the same town as Ela, has always been obsessed by her murder. Ela had been part of her circle of friends but prior to her murder Ela had been ostracised over a silly teenage squabble, a fact that Cat has tried her best to forget.

The news of Joe’s parole hearing and the prospect of his release causes both women to confront the past and the part they played in Ela’s final days.

With so many questions unanswered, Joe’s return to the community could be a way to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all. If Joe Pritchard did kill Ela, why did he do it, and where is the body?

The cast also includes Hannah Daniel, Siân Reese-Williams and Annes Elwy.

An English-language version will be broadcast on Channel 4 at a later date.

Y Golau: Sunday 15th May, 9pm, S4C

How do I watch Bosch: Legacy?

One of our favourite procedurals – Bosch – based on the best-selling and award-winning novels by Michael Connelly, is on its way back this week.

We got seven series of Bosch on Amazon Prime Video over the past decade and Titus Welliver successfully brought the beloved character to life, gaining millions of fans across the world.

But just when we thought it was over, a spin-off series has been launched – Bosch: Legacy.

After leaving the Los Angeles Police Department as a detective, Bosch’s story continues, working with former enemy and top-notch attorney, Honey “Money” Chandler (Mimi Rogers). The only thing they can agree on? Finding justice. Meanwhile, his daughter, Maddie (Madison Lintz) follows in his footsteps as a rookie patrol officer with the LAPD. 

What is Bosch Legacy all about?

How and where can I watch Bosch: Legacy?

Amazon bought IMDb TV and has rebranded it to Freevee, which started via Amazon Prime Video on 27th April. Over the last two years, the ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service experienced rapid growth in the US. Following a successful launch in the UK last September, Amazon Freevee has increased it slate of original shows by 70 per cent.

The likes of Bosch: Legacy is free to stream, but with ads.

You can click on this link to watch Freevee.

Bosch: Legacy begins with four episodes on Friday 6th May