REVIEW Grace (S2 E1/3)

I’ve just been catching up with Grace and now have, I think, a handle on how it’s being played out.

Last week’s episode was the second in a three-episode series two, the last of that series being played out tonight (Sunday 8th May).

The first episode of the series was pretty good, and a definite improvement on the very first instalment last year. However – and unfortunately – I found this one to be a bit of a dud, despite some atmospheric moments and the introduction of Roy’s new love interest.

And this, of course, is the problem with mystery-of-the-week series – there are bound to be inconsistencies, with peaks and troughs throughout the run. And so it’s proving with Grace. One week is good, the next isn’t so good… repeat.

This story – Not Dead Enough – begins when the body of a young woman is pulled from the ocean. At the crime scene, Roy meets a new pathologist – Cleo Morey (Zoe Tapper). More of her later.

Attention soon switches to another murder, when the wife of Kit Bishop, a Brighton hotshot entrepreneur, is found dead in her bed. All the fingers point to Bishop (Arthur Darvill), a fairly loathsome and arrogant individual who is doing his best to evade questioning and escaping safe houses.

His reputation in the eyes of the viewer is further diminished when it’s revealed that he was having it away with young socialite Sophie Carrington, who also ends up dead later in the story. All throughout this episode, Bishop is being built up into a bad guy, which is an interesting idea for a number of reasons: a) as an audience we’re led down a road the creators can do an about-turn and present a gigantic twist, or b) it’s is a double bluff and Bishop is actually the murderer.

As Roy and a recovered and returned DS Branson work to find the requisite evidence to nail Bishop, Roy gets closer to Cleo. Roy is understandably nervous and wracked by guilt over this unexpected development in his love life, but Cleo is a breath of fresh air – flirtatious, forthright and energetic. She’s exactly what Roy needs to move on from the supposed death of his wife. And we all knew that this was going to happen (Roy finding someone else), and sure enough it was a welcome development of character.

But there’s a problem – Cleo is also being attacked, quite obviously by the bad guy. But why?

It all ends up with a hugely convoluted, frankly daft denouement/reveal that leaves you scratching your head. Kit Bishop had a twin – OF COURSE HE DID – that… wait, that twin is dead… but there’s ANOTHER Bishop brother who also looks EXACTLY like Kit who is out for some revenge on his family. His motto? Take away the thing that your enemies love. Oh purleeeease.

Let’s hope for a better series finale tonight.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Grace is shown on ITV in the UK and is also available on ITV Hub

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Elaine says:

    Well said Paul. It really was ‘meh’ with more predictable tropes that you can shake a tree at. I got a bit confused with the newspaper clippings but couldn’t be bothered to rewind. It feels very long, which is never a good sign. Fingers crossed for better.


  2. Elizabeth Macpherson says:

    I didn’t mind it too much….Sunday night escapism without the usual cotton wool offerings.


  3. Zeke says:

    I gave up. It is literally paint-by-the numbers show. Near dysfunctional, socially inept detective wanting it HIS way. Then plug in the required who what and where. Simms is much better than this.. So, Why?


  4. Jane says:

    I think these are an okay way to kill a couple of hours on a Sunday night.


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