ITV commissions new medical thriller Malpractice

Medical thrillers have been a mixed bag on TV in recent years. But now ITV has delved headfirst into the sub-genre by commissioning Malpractice, to be made by Line Of Duty producers, World Productions.

Dr Lucinda Edwards (Niamh Algar, pictured above when she appeared in Channel 4’s Deceit) is a smart, battle-hardened doctor, but the series shows her on nightmare shift that ends in the death of an opioid overdose victim, Edith Owusu. Despite the support of her medical supervisor, Dr Leo Harris (James Purefoy), Edith’s grieving father Sir Anthony Owusu (Brian Bovell), demands an enquiry into Lucinda’s actions on that fateful night. 

Leading the medical investigation are Dr Norma Callahan (Helen Behan) and Lucinda’s former colleague, Dr George Adjei (Jordan Kouamé). While George feels this was an unavoidable tragedy, Norma is suspicious of Lucinda’s behaviour and decisions in the lead up to Edith’s death. 

As the pressure of the investigation intensifies, Lucinda’s relationship with husband Tom (Lorne MacFadyen) starts to fracture, and her confident professional exterior begins to crack. Is Lucinda hiding something? 

The five-part series has started filming in Leeds.


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