The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 27th June – Sunday 3rd July)

This week, we say goodbye to the excellent Sherwood, which finishes up with another two episode. Elsewhere, Channel 4 roll out The Undeclared War, a starry cyber-thriller from Peter Kosminsky. Enjoy!

S1 E5&6/6

As the manhunt closes in on Scott and Andy’s location, the search for the spycop turns back the clock to 1984 to reveal their identity and the events of that fateful night. At Scotland Yard, Kevin receives a text from Helen arranging to meet. Dawes and Kevin discuss Raggett’s suicide and the information from Raggett as to the identity of the officer who stayed behind.
Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th June, 9pm, BBC One

S1 E4/6

Maurice Ward recounts how Jenkins remained unscathed despite a series of illegal incidents. Baltimore is rocked by the Freddie Gray protests.
Tuesday 28th June, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

3 The Undeclared War *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
S1 E1/6

A leading team of analysts, buried in the heart of GCHQ, secretly works to ward off a series of cyber-attacks on the UK in the run-up to the 2024 general election. When a routine stress test of internet infrastructure goes awry, 21-year-old GCHQ intern Saara Parvin suddenly finds herself operating on the invisible frontier of high-stakes cyber warfare. In a thrilling cat-and-mouse game, newcomer Saara and the team must try to stay one step ahead and anticipate their opponents’ every hidden move. 
Thursday 30th June, 9pm, Channel 4

S1 E2/8

Having got the scooter back, Bea, Mahdi and Ludo carry out deliveries, but when Ludo gets fired they decide to start their own cocaine business. 
Tuesday 28th June, 10.10pm, Sky Atlantic

6 Rig 45: Murder At Sea *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
S1 E2/6

After a second accident, the atmosphere on the rig is edged with unease as crew members become convinced that there is a stowaway saboteur on board. The strength of the hurricane makes escape from the rig impossible and removes all hope for help from the outside world.
Friday 1st July, 9pm, More4

S3 E3/4

Social media influencer Rose Boleyn checks into Bath’s exclusive Ford & Flynn clinic for a nose job, but the routine procedure goes horribly wrong and she dies on the operating table. McDonald and Dodds must separate the fact from the fiction as they try to discover whether Rose’s life was really as glamorous as it looked.
Sunday 3rd July, 8pm, ITV

8 Miss Scarlet and the Duke *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
S2 E3/6

Eliza is forced into hiding when she is the prime suspect in a series of break-ins at city mortuaries. While the Duke tries to find other suspects, Eliza turns to Moses for help.
Tuesday 28th June, 9pm, Alibi

9 The Ruth Rendell Mysteries: The Inspector Wexford Specials *REPEAT*
A collection of classic mystery adaptations of bestselling author Ruth Rendell featuring an all-star line up including Colin Firth, James Callis, Amanda Redman, James D’Arcy, Honeysuckle Weeks, and George Baker as Inspector Wexford.  The stories are filled with suspense and combine vivid plots with a keen understanding of the motivations and machinations of the human mind, bringing Rendell’s work to life with every wicked irony and startling twist intact.
Thursday 29th June, Acorn TV

10 A Touch Of Frost *REPEAT*
S2 E4/4

The surly detective tries to get out of attending a reunion of George Cross holders because a serial rapist has struck again on his patch. Righteous indignation prompts him to take the most desperate professional gamble of his entire career by using PC Hazel Wallace as bait in a trap. He eventually picks up a lead involving the most recent victim’s father, but comes under pressure from within the force to back down or be thrown off the case.
Monday 27th June, 11.40pm, ITV3

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  1. MI6 says:

    Whatever you do don’t miss either Peter Kosminsky’s Undeclared War series on TV or Bill Fairclough’s epic spy novel Beyond Enkription in The Burlington Files series. They are both intense, realistic and nerve racking espionage thrillers. In The Burlington Files the protagonist Edward Burlington has even been likened to a posh Harry Palmer (aka Michael Caine). See Channel 4, Peacock and TheBurlingtonFiles website. #SlávaUkrayíni.


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