NORDIC NOIR End Of Summer to be adapted by Viaplay

Stand by for a new Swedish crime drama.

End Of Summer, based on the best seller by Anders de la Motte, will premiere on the Viaplay streaming service in 2023 and will have six episodes.

On a summer’s evening in 1984, a five-year-old boy vanishes in rural southern Sweden. The police investigation fails to find the truth, leaving behind rumours, suspicion and a grieving family. Twenty years later, the boy’s older sister Vera is leading a group therapy session in Stockholm, when a young man describes a strangely familiar childhood memory of a disappearance. A shaken Vera travels home to her fractured family to uncover, once and for all, what really happened in the summer that never ended. 

de la Motte said: “It’s incredibly exciting that End of Summer will become a TV series. I’ve worked on this with Harmonica Films for a long time, and with Viaplay we’ve now made it happen. End of Summer is my first book to be filmed, and for personal reasons the story is very close to my heart. I’ve read the script and seen the cast list, and I’m very confident that this will be something really special.”

Filming will begin “shortly” in and around Helsingborg in Sweden.

BBC Four confirms Trom transmission date

One of the series we’ve been looking for – and indeed been following from its inception – is Trom.

Set in the Faroe Islands, it follows journalist Hannis Martinsson (Ulrich Thomsen), who unexpectedly receives a message from Sonja, his estranged daughter, claiming that her life is in danger.

Hannis reluctantly returns home to the Faroes to investigate, and discovers Sonja’s body in the bloody waters of a whale hunt. His search for answers soon brings him into conflict with the local police and uncovers a web of secrets within the close-knit community.

As is tradition on BBC Four, Trom will be shown in double-bills every Saturday night.

Trom: Saturday 9th July, 9pm, BBC Four