ITV announces Platform 7 adaptation

ITV has announced it has commissioned Platform 7, a four-part series adapted by screenwriter Paula Milne from the globally renowned bestselling novel of the same title by Louise Doughty (the woman behind Apple Tree Yard). 

Platform 7 will be an ITVX premiere, exclusive to ITV’s new free streaming service, many months ahead of linear transmission on ITV main channel.

The drama is a thriller, which follows central character Lisa who, after witnessing a cataclysmic event on platform 7 of a railway station, finds her own fragmented memory jogged to reveal a connection between her own life and that of the event she has just witnessed. Supernatural elements combine with contemporary realism in this chilling drama. 

Platform 7 will go into production later this year, while details of casting will be released closer to filming commencing.


Hjerson: Swedish Agatha Christie series gets transmission date

We’ve had our eyes on Swedish series Hjerson. based on a fictional character invented by the great Agatha Christie, he’s now starring in his own series.

And now we know when it’s going to be on in the UK, and where.

Walter Presents has acquired it for More4, and despite reports to the contrary, we can now reveal when it’s going to air.

Sven Hjerson was once a renowned criminal profiler; his hypersensitivity to people and places has given him razor-sharp perceptiveness. Throughout his career, he’s been involved in many high-profile cases, but suddenly he chose to retire from the spotlight, and no one knows why. Klara Sandberg is a reality TV producer of what some people might describe as trash. Somewhere within her, though, lurks the ambition to create meaningful editorial content.

She successfully pitches the idea of a true-crime show starring Hjerson, who would solve a real crime each week. The new show may reset Sandberg’s career and life, but there’s just one snag: she has never met Hjerson. Tracking him down, they both end up on a cruise ship where a young journalist is suddenly murdered, forcing a reluctant Hjerson to work with Klara as she attempts to convince him to work on her series.

Freely inspired by Christie’s books, each episode features a stand-alone case and also delves deep into the characters’ inner turmoil.

Hjserson: Friday 2nd September, 9pm, More4