Shetland season 7: Douglas Henshall reveals transmission date

As we now all know, season 7 of Shetland will be Douglas Henshall’s last as DI Jimmy Perez.

We now not only know what the six-part series will be about but also when it’ll be on – thanks to Henshall himself.

On return from suspension, DI Perez reunites with Tosh as they meet the owners of a local B&B, Rachel and Danny Cairns, who are frantic with worry over the sudden disappearance of their son, Connor. New to Shetland, the family moved from Glasgow after Connor suffered a breakdown. Rachel worries that history has repeated itself, but Perez suspects they are hiding something.

Perez, Tosh and Sandy find that Connor was well known and much loved, with many worried about his whereabouts. Interviews with his sister, Abbie, and his girlfriend, Bryd, highlight Connor’s fraught relationship with his father, which sometimes saw him escape to his ‘safe place’.

The case takes a dramatic turn when Tosh discovers Danny Cairns’ past life and the reasons behind their sudden relocation to Shetland. As the ghosts of Danny’s past resurface, Perez and his team are under pressure to protect the Cairns family and find Connor before it’s too late.

As per Henshall’s tweet, the series is due to start on Wednesday 10th August at 9pm.



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  1. maryplumbago says:

    Hate to see him leave…


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