Walter Presents announce Angel Of Death season 2

We’re heading back to Poland for another slice of serial killer mayhem, thanks to Walter Presents.

A year after the tragic events that took place near Opole, a trial has started against serial killer Piotr Wolnicki in Angel of Death (Szadz) season 2 – but to the police’s dismay, he has plead not guilty.

Vicious murderer or victim of the system?

The seven-part Polish thriller follows Piotr as he tries to convince the public of his ‘innocence’. With scenes unveiling the cold calculated movements of the suspect as he uses any means necessary to sway public opinion.

However, Commissioner Polkowska and witnesses who testify against the accused in court are determined to convict him. The convolutions of the trial will leave you questioning whether the victims’ truths and evidence gathered is enough to convict the Opole killer. The plot thickens as dramatic events from Piotr’s past are revealed with the mysterious appearance of Lila. Piotr and Lila are bound by a dark experience from their youth – thus her return may be a chance for Piotr to confront the truth about himself.  This twisted story reveals the suffering that follows the apprehension of the perpetrator. Whilst delving into the psychopathic mind of Piotr in a way that promises to make your skin crawl. Will Piotr get his family back together and prove his innocence or will Polkowska find enough evidence to put him in jail for good?

Angel of Death (season 2): From Friday 26th August, All4/Walter Presents