REVIEW Shetland (S7 E2/6)

After last week’s strong start, this week Shetland went on a little excursion. And let’s face it, Shetland loves an excursion or two. Norway, onto mainland Scotland… Jimmy’s been to them all during the show’s long history. And in this episode – only the second episode of the series – Jimmy was off again, and again to Glasgow.

The reason for the trip was Danny Cairns – father of missing boy Connor. We knew from episode one that he was a bent cop from back in the day, escaping to the Shetlands after being accused of taking drugs and selling them on. Not only that but he got someone killed.

Nicole and Cameron Waldron – family of the victim – had visited the islands to scare Danny Cairns, but he was convinced that they were behind Connor’s disappearance. He went off to Glasgow to track them down. Thusly, Jimmy followed, suspicious that Danny was doing something that he shouldn’t be. Or even covering his tracks.

What followed was almost like a story within a story, a Line Of Duty-esque yarn about an accused bent copper out to clear his name and find out who really leaked information to drug dealers, which led to the death of a low-level dealer. It could have been entirely diversionary and actually annoying and had nothing much to do with furthering the story of Connor’s disappearance. But even though it was a very extravagant way to process a suspect (Danny Cairns had nothing to do with his son’s disappearance and neither did the Waldrons), it was a compelling side story.

Back on the Shetlands, suspicion surrounded some new suspects – the Davidsons, who Connor used to work with; Martin, the Cairns’ lodger, who was taking photos of Bryd surreptitiously; and Murray the librarian, who admitted he was infatuated with Connor, which was unreciprocated.

It was a nicely balanced episode, where in some ways it had no right to be. And it ended in tragedy and another body – that of Bryd, Connor’s girlfriend, found in the boot of a car. Consider the ante upped.

Paul Hirons

Rating: 4 out of 5.


6 thoughts on “REVIEW Shetland (S7 E2/6)”

  1. I just watched this episode, and it almost seems to me that they’re beefing up Tosh’s part – maybe it’s my imagination? But I would not be upset if she took over as the lead….Also I was trying to look up one of the actors on IMBD and I notice that Douglas Henshaw is not in 2 episodes, so methinks whatever is going to happen to end his storyline will happen in episode 4. I could be wrong, of course. Just speculating. Who knows! Gosh, I’ll miss him!


  2. Have to admit I was pleased the little side story of bent coppers was over quickly, but it did what it was supposed to and make Danny Cairns more sympathetic. Nearer 3.5/5 for me, introduced Connor’s previous employers who didn’t like him (to say the least) and are suspicious, and the pacing was ok, but do miss Duncan and Cassie.


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