Maxine: Channel 5 announces transmission date for controversial series

The Soham Murders were on the UK’s most talked-about true crime stories of the past 25 years, and the case horrified the nation.

We know that Channel 5 had made a series about Maxine Carr, the girlfriend of Ian Huntley, who was convicted of the murders of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman.

The three-part drama will explore, is said to be told through Carr’s perspective, her tumultuous relationship with Huntley. It will also explore why she lied for him and how she became public enemy number one. The drama looks at the scale of the police investigation into the murders and the subsequent media frenzy around the biggest manhunt ever seen in British history.

Jemma Carlton plays the lead role of Maxine Carr, with Scott Reid stars as Ian Huntley.

Steve Edge stars as journalist Brian Farmer, along with Natalie Britton as tabloid journalist Jane Kerrigan. In addition, Kate O’Toole also features.

Maxine: Monday 10th October, 9pm, Channel 5

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