NORDIC NOIR New Beck will premiere in Sweden on Christmas Day

Swedish crime drama fans are getting a Christmas Day treat this year – a brand new Beck film will premiere on 25th December itself on C More.

The Death Trap tells the story of Vilhelm Beck – Martin’s grandson – a police officer and on his first internship in the real world.

He and his supervisor Trine (Maria Sundbom Lörelius) are routinely called to a burglary. At the crime scene, Vilhelm is the one who discovers a dead 17-year-old boy and the mission goes directly to the Beck group.

Vilhelm feels deeply affected by the situation. He wants to contribute to the investigation more than what his supervisor says is ok, which leads to unforeseen consequences. The dead boy’s father is distraught and has no idea what his son may have been involved in. Martin Beck (Peter Haber) wants to be involved in the case, but Vilhelm asks his grandfather to take a step back.

Alex (Jennie Silfverhjelm) is also committed to Vilhelm and wants to support him. Jenny (Anna Asp) is a new mother and struggles with both her relationship and parental role. Both Martin and Oskar (Måns Nathanaelson) want to do everything to support her when she makes a fatal mistake that turns out to have really serious consequences.

Hopefully it will come to the UK next year.


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