The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 28th November – Sunday 4th December)

We’re saying goodbye to The Pact and Gangs Of London this week, but also saying hello to some good new stuff – series two of Slow Horses with Gary Oldman, and superior cosy crime drama Whitstable Pearl on Acorn TV. But also look out for some really great repeats – The Singing Detective, Murdered By My Boyfriend (one of the first shows ever reviewed and praised on this site… it went on to win a BAFTA, JUST SAYING) and the 1960 series of Maigret (god bless Talking Pictures). Enjoy!

1 Astrid: Murder In Paris *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A friend from the autistic association they both attend, contacts Astrid as his brother has died. She and Raphaelle accompany him to the funeral, but before the service starts, the body vanishes. One of the deceased man’s colleagues tells Raphaelle that he had requested an autopsy on the body before it disappeared and that he suspects foul play.
Friday 2nd December, 9pm, More4

S2 E1&2/6

Long-buried Cold War secrets emerge threatens to bring carnage to the streets of London. When a liaison with Russian villains takes a fatal turn, our hapless heroes must overcome their individual failings and raise their spy game in a race to prevent a catastrophic incident.
Friday 2nd December, Apple+ TV

3 Whitstable Pearl *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
S2 E1&2/6

It’s six months on, and Pearl (Kerry Godliman) and Mike (Howard Charles) are just good friends. Mike has found a new vigour for life and his pursuit of open-air swimming has led him into the arms of a new woman, Kat, a sunny, outgoing, eternal optimist. Pearl also has a new person in her life, Tom, a supply teacher, who’s the definition of a ‘nice guy.’ Pearl is hired by local ex-soldier Dan Tomlin whose son has disappeared under questionable circumstances.
Monday 28th November, Acorn TV

4 The Singing Detective *REPEAT*
S1 E1-3/6

Dennis Potter’s surreal 1986 drama, starring Michael Gambon as a struggling pulp-fiction novelist who begins to mentally assume the role of one of his characters while confined to a hospital bed. However, while he drifts in and out of his fantasy world, he is also confronted by disturbing visions from his childhood.
Wednesday 30th November, 10.10pm, BBC Four

S1 E5/8

The autopsy confirms murder. Salomon visits Helga and Elin, while Anita deals with Gusti, who has extended his stay.
Sunday 4th December, 10pm, Alibi

S2 E6/6

Will is the prime suspect of the police investigation. A spiralling Christine is determined to clear his name, but as she grapples with the truth of Kayla’s connection to her family, she is forced to reveal a shocking truth to the children. Megan and Jamie are forced to reveal what happened at the wedding, as Beth and Joe draw closer to the truth.
Monday 28th November, 9pm, BBC One

S2 E8/8

As Elliot’s conflict reaches an exhilarating climax, Shannon makes a grasp for power and Marian stands to lose everything. As Koba faces his biggest threat yet, who will emerge as winner in the battle for control of London?
Thursday 29th November, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

8 Maigret *REPEAT*
S4 E1/13

An old woman tries to convince a sceptical Maigret of an intruder in her house, but he believes she is just seeking his attention – but then she is murdered.
Tuesday 29th November, 8pm, Talking Pictures TV

9 Murdered By My Boyfriend *REPEAT*
S1 E1

Drama about a teenage girl’s romance with an older man who, although handsome and initially charming, soon begins to dominate every aspect of her life as his jealous and possessive nature gets out of control. 
Thursday 1st December, 9pm, BBC Three

10 Foyle’s War *REPEAT*
S9 E2/3

The son of a high-profile Jewish businessman is attacked in the grounds of a university, leaving Foyle to consider the possibility that the attack was racially motivated. Meanwhile, in London, tensions mount as charismatic right-wing leader Guy Spencer is released from prison. But is he being set up to take the spotlight off a dangerous espionage operation involving MI6? Elsewhere, Sam becomes acutely aware of the impact of the war on Adam’s constituents as she encounters a young boy suffering from whooping cough. 
Tuesday 29th November, 10pm, ITV3