NORDIC NOIR: Danish TV announces ‘journalistic crime drama’

Danish channel TV2 has announced that filming has begun on ‘journalistic crime drama’ Graverne.

The series follows the people behind the fourth state power – the media. More precisely, the editors behind the investigative TV documentary program Brændpunkt. The editors are led by the idealistic journalist Liv (Mille Dinesen), who together with her husband, Adam (Afshin Firouzi), owns the media company Agenda Productions, which also produces the daily and somewhat lighter news programme, Morgenlan.

The Brændpunkt editorial team has an impressive number of revelations on its resume, but it has been a long time since it uncovered a major story. In an age where fast news, clickbait and spin dominate the media image, the editor’s existence is threatened, and the threat of closure hangs over the team. But a tip leads Liv and the rest of the group on the trail of a sensational case that draws threads all the way up to the highest levels of political power.

More news as we get it.


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