Lost: Those Who Kill confirmed by BBC Four

Danish series Those Who Kill is coming back to BBC Four for a third series (at least we’re calling it the third).

With a subtitle of Lost, the series sees Natalie Madueño return as profiler Louise Bergstein.

When a middle-aged couple is found brutally murdered in front of their home, a frantic investigation begins for their killer. Bergstein is once again called in to help, and to assist investigation leader Frederik Havgaard (Simon Sears). Despite Louise suffering from the fall-out of series two, she’s determined to remain part of the team. Together with Frederik, she begins the hunt for the killer, who turns out to be a desperate young man with several dark secrets on his conscience. But the past always catches up with one in the end – a truth that Louise herself must admit as she is confronted by a personal darkness.

Stand by, it’s coming soon.

Lost: Those Who Kill: Saturday 8th April, 9pm, BBC Four

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