REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E6/6)

S4C’s latest Welsh-language crime drama, Y Golau, has been – so far – an excellent watch, full of subtleties, an intriguing plot and a compelling whodunit. As ever with these things, the final episode of any crime series is important – for the characters to get closure (and boy, do Sharon and Joe and everyone … Continue reading REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E6/6)

REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E3&4/6)

During episode three of this intriguing, excellent and very human crime drama, there was a moment that really encapsulated what this show is all about – the details in grief. During an argument with Gafyn, he turned off Sharon’s hallway light. Sharon went berserk and told her ex that she had not turned off that … Continue reading REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E3&4/6)

REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E2/6)

The opening episode of Y Golau (The Light), the latest Welsh-language cab off the S4C rank was an intriguing, beautifully-played drama about a woman still struggling to come to terms with the murder of her daughter Ela 18 years before. Her grief was not only poignantly portrayed but also amplified thanks to the return of … Continue reading REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E2/6)

REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E1/6)

As regular readers of this website will know, I’m a big fan of S4C’s Welsh-language dramas. Over the years, we’ve had the likes of Y Gwyll/Hinterland, Craith/Hidden, Yr Amgeuddfa/The Museum… the list goes on. So far, the channel’s output has fallen into two camps – the slow, thoughtful procedurals of Y Gwyll and Craith (heavy … Continue reading REVIEW Y Golau (S1 E1/6)

S4C drop transmission details for Y Golau with Joanna Scanlan and Iwan Rheon

S4C has announced the transmission date for its next Welsh-language series – Y Golau (The Light). Not only is it a tense thriller, but it boasts the cream of Welsh acting talent, including recent BAFTA winner Joanna Scanlan and Game Of The Thrones star, Iwan Rheon, and Alexandra Roach in the lead roles. Sharon Roberts … Continue reading S4C drop transmission details for Y Golau with Joanna Scanlan and Iwan Rheon

REVIEW Sherwood (S1 E5/6)

Every series has one, especially every crime drama series. Sherwood is no different. So much is going on in this superb British series, we needed an explainer episode. And make no mistake, this is the explainer episode. As recently the series finale of Welsh-language series, Y Golau, on S4C, we’ve discussed the use of flashbacks … Continue reading REVIEW Sherwood (S1 E5/6)