Review: Save Me (S1 E4/6), Wednesday 21st March, Sky Atlantic


The first three episodes of this excellent urban noir have careered from one thing to the other, the other being a dark-as-night story of a potential paedophile ring in south London. We saw this storyline developing in episode three, and now, as the final half of the series begins, we were fully thrown down into the rabbit hole and to a hell of no return. The only question is: will Nelly, Claire and Jody come out of the other side? Actually, will we come out of the other side unscathed? Continue reading


BBC confirms Ordeal By Innocence transmission date


It was supposed to be the third in Sarah Phelps’ Agatha Christie adaptations, aired over Christmas as a seasonal treat. But it wasn’t to be. Thanks to an accusation of historical sexual assault levelled at US star, Ed Westwick. Westwick’s part was re-shot with Christian Cooke taking over. And now we’re delighted to say that Ordeal by Innocence won’t be a Christmas treat – it’s going to be something special for Easter.

Continue reading

Review: Shetland (S4 E6/6), Tuesday 20th March, BBC One


Over the past five episodes, Jimmy Perez and his team have had two murder cases to solve, quite probably connected, a trip to Norway and a fascist cop to contend with, and the fact that a probable miscarriage of justice has taken place, perpetrated by another corrupt cop. That’s quite a lot to deal with, but so far Shetland has taken these myriad elements and woven them together expertly. It only remained for us to find out who really kill Lizzie Kilmuir and Sally McColl and whether they were the same person. Continue reading

Review: Below The Surface (S1 E3&4/8), Saturday 17th March, BBC Four


Danish thriller, Below The Surface, started off well last week, as you would expect from a series that has been created by the person behind Dicte, and executively produced by the writers of The Killing and Borgen. On the, ahem, surface it was full of familiar stuff from every hostage drama you’ve ever seen, but this is Scandi Noir, and nothing is ever as it seems.¬† Continue reading

The Sinner renewed for second series


One of the highlights of last year was American series, The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman. It was hugely flawed and fell off a cliff in its penultimate¬†episode, but up until that point it was a sensational did she/didn’t she story. One of the more surprising pieces of news that emerged during the past few days was that a second series had been greenlit by its US home, USA Network (it appeared on Netflix in the UK). But don’t worry – it’s going to be an all-new story. Continue reading

ITV’s Dark Heart begins filming, adds plotlines


We’ve known for a while now that Chris ‘Unforgotten’ Lang’s Dark Heart was to be made into a full-length series, and now we hear news this morning that it has begun filming. It follows on from the successful, feature-length pilot aired on ITV Encore in 2016 (see our review of that here). Tom Riley returns as DI Will Wagstaffe, a man haunted by the murder of his parents when he was 16 years old. Continue reading