Review: Top Of The Lake: China Girl (S2 E1/6), Thursday 27th July, BBC2


We’ve had some heavyweight crime offerings this year – Broadchurch, Twin Peaks, Fargo et al – but perhaps the most eagerly awaited returning crime drama in this house is Jane Campion’s Top Of The Lake, now subtitled China Girl for its second series. Series one was just utterly wonderful – a dream-like procedural the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Elisabeth Moss (who’s been doing some tremendous work recently) returns as Robin Griffin, the Australian detective, who has now returned to her home city, where the body of an Asian sex worker is waiting for her. Judging by this series opener, it’s great to have it back. Continue reading

Interview: Elisabeth Moss, Top Of The Lake: China Girl


Saying Elisabeth Moss is doing good work at the moment is like saying chocolate is only quite nice. Since mad Men, Moss has starred in series one of Top The Lake – Jane Campion’s dream-like New Zealand-set crime drama – and, more recently, the astonishing and harrowing The Handmaid’s Tale. Now she’s back for series two of Top Of The Lake, subtitled China Girl, and it’s another fantastic piece of work. It starts this week, and we managed to get hold of an interview with Moss, which you can read after the jump. Continue reading

BBC reveals Top Of The Lake: China Girl transmission date


This year has been a pretty big year when it comes to crime drama, not least because some of the heavy-hitters have returned to our screens. Unforgotten, Broadchurch, Twin Peaks, Fargo et al have all been very welcome, and now another big hitter, Jane Campion’s Top Of The Lake is now back among us. The dreamy first series aired in 2013 – just before this site’s time – and surely would have won that year’s Crime Drama Of The Year. Now we know when the follow-up, Top Of The Lake: China Girl, is due to start. Continue reading

Review: The Kettering Incident (S1 E1&2/8), Wednesday 15th February, Sky Atlantic


the-kettering-incidentOK, so this review is a week late and I apologise. I had watched the double-billed opening a week before it showed on Sky Atlantic, but then life sort of got in the way. I wanted to post it though, because this Australian series was intriguing and odd and infuriating and everything else in between. But before all that… I come from the Midlands in England, where near to my hometown there’s a town called Kettering. With apologies to all its inhabitants, it’s nothing too much to write home about. So when I saw that there was a series on Sky Atlantic called The Kettering Incident, I wondered whether it was going tell the story of the time I ran out of petrol near the town when I was driving on my way back from Peterborough. But, of course, The Kettering Incident has nothing to do with Kettering, Leicestershire and has everything to do with Kettering, Tasmania.  Continue reading

New Zealand crime drama The Brokenwood Mysteries to debut on UKTV streaming service UKTV Play



Look out – there’s a new New Zealand-based crime drama on the horizon. Showing in the UK on UKTV Freeview channel, Drama, the series bolsters the southern hemisphere’s strong showing on British TV in February (Australia’s The Kettering Incident starts on Sky Atlantic this week). The good news is that you can watch The Brokenwood Mysteries from this Friday in the UK. Continue reading

BBC shares first image of Nicole Kidman from Top Of The Lake 2


WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 16:30:01 on 05/10/2016 - Programme Name: Top Of The Lake 2 - TX: n/a - Episode: First Look (No. First Look) - Picture Shows:  Robin Griffin [ELISABETH MOSS] - (C) See Saw Productions Australia - Photographer: Sally Bongers

(C) See Saw Productions Australia – Photographer: Sally Bongers

One of the crime dramas I’m most looking forward to in 2017 is the second series of Jane Campion’s Top Of The Lake. The first series was a strange, almost hallucinogenic story told in verdant Kiwi countryside; lakes shimmering, mountains encircling, forests enveloping, and eccentric folk doing strange things. It was a stunner. We know that for series two Elisabeth Moss returns as Robin, and Campion has managed to lure Nicole Kidman to the cast. Now we get our first look at the award-winning actress. Continue reading

BBC4 confirms transmission date for The Code


dr1426h004s00_57d764029d993Last year, BBC4 aired out Australian thriller The Code – it was more of a thriller than a crime drama, so I stayed away from it (there’s only so much I can watch and write about). But it was recommissioned for a second series, and the channel as picked that up, too. Now we know when it’s going to go out. Continue reading