ITV confirms Vera transmission date

I’ve just reeled off five news stories detailing transmission details for pretty much everything that’s happening in the first two weeks of January (it’s a lot), and now there’s another one – this time ITV’s hugely watchable Vera, starring the fabulous Brenda Blethyn. Series eight is on its way… Advertisements

Beck to return on New Year’s Day in Sweden

Oh how enjoy a bit of Beck on The Killing Times. The titular detective series – based on the novels by Scandi legends, Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö – is coming back for four new episodes in 2018, the first one airing in Sweden on New Year’s Day. Full details after the jumperoo.

Review: Beck: The Last Day, Saturday 8th October, BBC4

Now that Beck has the obnoxious  Freden out of the way, he might have expected an easier ride, but his new boss Hedvall seems to be a bore if not worse. But surely going on about football all the time can’t be the reason Beck chooses now to hand in his resignation? NB: Spoilers

Review: Beck: End Of The Road, Saturday 1st October, BBC4

The gloom factor is at critical this week, when an ex-policeman, Rickard Birgersson, and his family are found shot in their home. Is it something to do with his security work, or the stash of stolen weapons found in a panic room in his house? NB: Spoilers

Review: Beck: Steinar, Saturday 17th September, BBC4

We’re still in shock at last week’s senseless death of Larsson, so like Beck, we’re spending a lot of time staring into the abyss. He makes it clear he doesn’t believe in an afterlife. But despite being zonked out on Propavan and wine, Beck has to deal with a replacement, Steinar Hovland. NB: There are…

Review: Beck: Eye Of The Storm, Saturday 3rd September, BBC4

Gunvald Larsson never plays it by the book, so when we’re promised that he’s going to ‘go rogue’ in The Eye of the Storm, we can only imagine the mayhem that will ensue. Beck doesn’t normally get tangled in the machinations of the intelligence services either, so the involvement is SAPO in this one rather…

Review: Beck: In The Name Of God, Saturday 28th August, BBC4

This week’s episode is called In the Name of God, an obviously ironic title as the theme is a neo-nazi organisation conducting a vicious campaign against the gay community. With several assaults and murders having taken place, Jansson, a paparazzo, is beaten to death by a masked man, and his work stolen. 

Review: Beck (The Silent Scream), Saturday 30th July, BBC4

Poor Martin Beck (Peter Haber) is not having a good day; the milk for his breakfast has boiled over and he has a raging toothache. To compound this, he hears on his kitchen radio that there’s blood on the tracks in his patch at Stockholm’s Flemingsberg Station.

Review: Beck (The Weak Link), Saturday 23rd July, BBC4

After last week’s bizarre homage to Hannibal, in The Missing Link, Beck is back to rather more gritty matter, as a young girl, Denise, is raped and murdered on her way home after a party. Her parents find her dead in a park,  and suspects include a dodgy Russian taxi driver, a weirdo walker, and a n’er-do-well…

Review: Beck (The Japanese Painting), Saturday 16th July, BBC4

It took its time to get here, but Sweden’s Beck – based on the celebrated, much-loved and pioneering crime novels by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö – was entertaining, solid procedural fare, even though some of the episodes were from the mid-1990s and felt considerably dated. But here he is again, with four new episodes culled…