Sky Atlantic confirms transmission date for The Tunnel: Vengeance


One of the more unheralded British crime dramas is The Tunnel, the Anglo/French series made by Sky and Canal +. It was originally meant to be a British/French version of The Bridge, replacing the Øresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden with the Channel Tunnel, and the socially-challenged Saga Norén with Clémence Poésy’s Elise Wassermann and Kim Bodnia’s rambunctiously flawed Martin Rohde with Stephen Dillane’s Karl Roebuck. After series one, it went off on its own tangent and let Poésy and Dillane really grow into their characters, and now it’s back for a third and final eight-part series. Read on for more. Continue reading


Review: The Frankenstein Chronicles (S2 E2/6), Wednesday 8th November, ITV Encore



The Frankenstein Chronicles returned last week with a fairly meandering revisitation of the original series’ characters and environment. Luckily for viewers this week, the plot of the previous season was mostly left on the shelf in favour of new characters and a new mystery, as the former detective John Marlott became embroiled in a deepening conspiracy of murder as the Church and State battled for control over London. Continue reading

Top Boy gets commissioned for third series by Netflix


Pardon the pun, but Netflix is killing it when it comes to fantastic, grown-up crime dramas this year. We’ve had The Ozarcs, Mindhunter and now, this week, The Sinner all in the past year, and now the world-dominating streaming site has announced that British series, Top Boy – which was broadcast by Channel 4 for two series – has been commissioned for a third series. Continue reading

Review: Unspeakable (S1 E1/1), Sunday 5th November, Channel 4


This one-off was created and written by Dave Nath, BAFTA award-winning talent behind documentary series The Murder Detectives and last year’s excellent one-off drama, The Watchman, starring Stephen Graham (see our review here). This time Nath takes us into the family home for another stand-alone story that right from the word go plunges into a world of suspicion and paranoia. Where The Watchman dealt in these themes, it also explored them very much from afar; Unspeakable plunges us right into a situation and doesn’t let us out. It was claustrophobic, incredibly tense and made me feel extremely queasy. Continue reading

Review: The Frankenstein Chronicles (S2 E1/6), Wednesday 1st November, ITV Encore



The Frankenstein Chronicles was an exceptionally dark re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s infamous tale, starring Sean Bean as Detective John Marlott. What began as a relatively straightforward murder procedural descended into something altogether more grim and twisted, and was well received by fans and critics alike on its debut run. The period crime drama now returns to ITV Encore for its second season, and after the shocking revelations that ended the first season, what fresh madness lies in wait for John Marlott? Continue reading

Peaky Blinders series four transmission date confirmed


Yes, it’s another biggie for November, which is shaping up to be the biggest and busiest time for this site in its short history. Peaky Blinders – the early 20th-century gangster drama with the awful Brummie accents – is back for another good-looking series. Cillian Murphy and the rest of the main cast return (there are some notable additions in this series), and now we know which day it’ll air. Continue reading