Series six of Spiral finishes filming


les-acteurs-d-engrenages-passent-a-l-interrogatoirem176429Admittedly, there’s not much of a story here, but I do like to keep up with what’s going on with our crime drama-making friends and Spiral (Engrenages) is one of the best out there and one of our readers’ favourite shows. Thanks to a tip off from our friends over at (here if you want to visit them), we now know that series six of the gritty Parisian noir has now wrapped up filming, which also means that its appearance grows ever shorter. Check the photos over the jump for evidence. Continue reading

French crime drama The Passenger now available on Walter Presents


a_l_aveugle2If you’ve been reading The Guardian, then Walter Presents’ French crime drama, The Passenger (Le Passager), sounds as though the best has been saved to the last knockings of the year. It’s set in Nice, has some ritualistic murders going on and sounds like a must-watch. I’ll be digging into it a bit later today (I have Christmas markets to go to, don’t you know), but until then, here’s what it’s all about… Continue reading

Sky Atlantic secures Belgian crime drama, Public Enemy


screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-08-56-47Back in April, I wrote a piece about the rise of Belgian drama (read it here) and, obviously for this site, crime drama. Three were gaining some sort of buzz – Beau Séjour, Public Enemy and The Break – and there was speculation that one or all of them would end up on a British channel or streaming service. Now one of them, we’ve learned, has been snapped up by Sky. Continue reading

Review: The Out-Laws (S1 E8&9/9), Friday 2nd and Friday 9th September, More4



Let’s get this out of the way first. These episodes of The Out-Laws have been all over the shop. In Belgium there were 10, over here we were told it was eight, and now, according to Channel 4, there are nine. It’s been a bit confusing to say the least. But here we are, at the finale and we’re about to find out who killed The Prick and what happens to the Goethals sisters – that merry band of women who, during the course of this series, have tried and tried again to murder their abominable brother-in-law.

NB: There are spoilers in this review Continue reading

Review: The Out-Laws (S1 E6&7/9), Friday 26th August, More4


Min and Bekka

So it’s been a busy few weeks here at The Killing Times Fort, and I missed posting up a review of The Out-Laws last week. Apologies to anyone who cared. It’s a series that has a lot going for it and, while not setting the televisual landscape on fire it’s significantly distinct and different enough – as well as being enjoyable enough – for me to want to see it through to the end, which comes next week in a feature-length episode. But onto the two most recent episodes. Continue reading

Review: The Out-Laws (E4&5/9), Friday 7th/12th August, More4


98507458-72be-46e1-a374-f733ab2c12ddSo I missed last week’s episode of the enjoyable, macabre murder comedy The Out-Laws, but it’s decent so I wanted to make sure I caught up with it properly. I said the last time I reviewed the show that it had not only reached its half-way stage but also found itself on a bit of a hamster-wheel rut: it was repeating a structure that was beginning to wear a bit thin. I hoped that as we got over the hump of the middle part of the series, it would re-up and provide something different as it edged towards its finale. Continue reading

Luc Besson’s French thriller No Limit debuts on Walter Presents today


download-993-low_NoLimit2-1You can’t really move for new stuff on telly these days – every strain and twist of crime genre is now covered and, with the advent of Walter Presents (Channel 4’s foreign-language online portal) we can now enjoy even more stuff from all corners of the globe. Today sees the launch of a high-concept thriller straight from the king of (French, at least) high-concept – Luc Besson – on Walter Presents, with the release of all three series.

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