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Walter Presents confirms Dark Rivers transmission date

Walter Presents has been busy, and now the brand has announced another new series for January – Dark Rivers, from Germany.

After a policewoman from Berlin gave testimony against a powerful clan boss, she’s forced to begin a new life with her daughter in Paussau, the town on three rivers.

The witness protection scheme equips her with a new job, a fictive biography, and a false name. From now on, mother and daughter are known as Frederike and Mia Bader.

Frederike runs into a dubious private detective which puts her safety at risk as she fears that the investigator might expose her. Meanwhile, Mia misses her old life and covertly makes contact. This fatal move brings tragic consequences as the whereabouts of the little family become public. Will the mother and daughter duo survive the ordeal?  

Dark Rivers: From 13th January, All4/Walter Presents

NORDIC NOIR Danish series Grow snapped up by Walter Presents

Walter Presents has hit the ground running in 2023, and has announced another new series – Danish thriller, Grow.

When newly graduated stockbroker Adam learns that his dad has died, he runs from his anxiety-ridden every day back to his childhood neighbourhood. Upon his return, Adam finds himself captivated by the thrills of Danish biker life in which his late father’s roots lay. It does not take long before Adam’s integration into the grey norms of everyday society is compromised as he finds passion in a new purpose.

Adam’s long structural life is mixed with personal ambitions, in desperation for power and fast recognition in the Danish drug market, where his cousin Simon has already set roots. Together they face obstacles on their journey to form a new drug cartel including immigration gangs, bikers, police, politicians – and finally Adam’s own brother, Jakob, who is a recent recruit of the police anti-drug division. It is up to Adam and Simon to remove all obstacles in their persecution to become Denmark’s biggest kingpins. 

Look out for Lars Mikkelsen and Sebastian Jessen.

Grow: From 20th January, All4/Walter Presents

Walter Presents confirms season 3 of Polish thriller The Defence

Walter Presents has confirmed the arrival of Polish thriller, The Defence, on All4.

Since burying her career, Chyłka provides legal advice for a living and her free time is spent drinking. Everything changes when approached by a man whose wife and daughter were brutally murdered.

Chyłka undertakes the case to help this grieving husband and father with legal formalities related to inheritance policy. She does not expect that a seemingly trivial inheritance case may become a springboard for her return to the top…

To Chyłka’s surprise, the policy is for an absurdly high amount and was bought by Salus, a company whose interests are represented by Żelazny & McVay law firm, and more precisely – savvy lawyer Lew and his new apprentice Kordian. The possibility of getting back at the law firm and the prospect of high earnings puts Chyłka in a good mood, although the road to success will not be easy. With relationships tainted by her recent downfall and the police gathering evidence against her client, the journey back to her prime proves tumultuous. Is Chyłka’s greatest enemy closer than she thought?  

The Defence (series 3): From 27th January, All4/Walter Presents

Walter Presents They Were Ten

The Walter Presents brand has announced the transmission date for new foreign-language of the classic Agatha Christie tale, And Then There Were None.

They Were Ten follows, yes, 10 seemingly ordinary people who find themselves trapped on a deadly island with one thing in common… they’re all murderers!

This French series animates the horrors faced by the guilty conscience of 10 very different murderers. Five women, five men and one dog find themselves deserted on a tropical island with minimal means for escape or survival. After each accepting an invitation to a ‘luxurious’ hotel, upon arrival they quickly realise they’re alone; cut off from the rest of the world and all means of communication. The nightmare worsens when they are tormented by a mysterious hooded figure who is out for gruesome revenge. And as they grow in suspicion of each other more blood is shed. The islanders question why they were lured into this deadly trap, not knowing that the answer lies hidden in their pasts which they carefully tried to bury. Now, under the scorching sun, they’ll have to pay for their sins. Will they find the culprit behind this lethal circus before there are none left?

Look out for it from 4th November on All4.

The Golden Hour coming soon to Dutch TV

The Golden Hour (Het Gouden Uur) is coming soon to Dutch TV, and is set in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the Netherlands. The first hour after an attack is crucial. That is when panic and fear are overwhelming and the danger of a second attack is greatest.

Mardik, played by Nasrdin Dchar, is a passionate detective of Afghan descent. He receives a disturbing text message stating that his childhood friend Faysal (Abbas Fasaei) has come to the Netherlands. A day later, the Netherlands is startled by a terrorist attack. Mardik suspects his childhood friend and immediately investigates.

At the same time, Mardik is distrusted by AIVD agent Joëlle (Ellen Parren) after she makes a disturbing discovery from his past. While Mardik is aiming all his arrows at his childhood friend, Joëlle becomes increasingly convinced that Mardik himself has something to do with the attack. The manhunt that follows has far-reaching consequences…

The Golden Hour can be seen from 23rd October on NPO 3 and NPO Plus.

Astrid: Murder In Paris transmission date revealed by Walter Presents

Stand by for a new French series – Astrid: Murder In Paris – which became a huge hit in its native France and introduced viewers to an intriguing investigative partnership.

When Commander Raphaëlle Coste (Lola Dewaere) visits the police records bureau in search of information for one of her enquiries, she has no idea that she is about to have a life-changing encounter.

The brilliant young Astrid is autistic and a living encyclopaedia of criminal investigations. She has Asperger’s, which makes her very original and rather finicky in some situations. The Commander is investigating a bizarre suicide involving a Colonel who burnt himself alive: the complexities of which require a divergent approach to analysing the evidence which may point to the wrong conclusion. When Astrid gives Raphaëlle a helping hand, the two realize that their perfectly complementary skills are the key to solving cases despite, or even because of, their differences.

Astrid: Murder In Paris: Friday 21st October, 9pm, More4