Review: Fortitude (S2 E5/10), Thursday 23rd February, Sky Atlantic


1000There’s a common sci-fi trope whereby the protagonists are somehow trapped in a limited area with something trying to get them – think Alien, or Village of the Damned, or Under the Dome. Fortitude is a perfect example of the genre – or is it?

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Review: Fortitude (S2 E4/10), Thursday 16th February, Sky Atlantic


1000Fortitude is a pretty grim place to live. The work is hard, the cold could kill you in minutes, and if the forces of nature aren’t enough, the local inhabitants seem to be determined to bump each other off. What Fortitude emphatically does not need is someone called The Man With No Face who goes around beheading people. Continue reading

Review: Fortitude (S2 E2/10), Thursday 2nd February, Sky Atlantic


screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-22-40-14After last week’s portentous episode, when it appeared that doom was descending on the township of Fortitude from all directions, things couldn’t get worse – could they? With the opener offering up a lot of questions and very few answers, as you would expect, it’s time now for the path to become clearer. First we have to discover the identity of the headless body found in the snow. As was pretty clear, it was the barfly we heard raving about demons and cannibalism – but we still don’t know who he was, or what he was doing in Fortitude.

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Review: Foritude (S2 E1/10), Thursday 26th January, Sky Atlantic


screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-22-40-14What is it about Fortitude that makes it so chilling? It’s not just the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic Norwegian setting, though you feel you could freeze just watching the befurred characters slogging through the snow; it’s more that a sense of dread permeates the whole series. Because while the town of Fortitude should be a chilly paradise, where everyone’s equal and happy and there’s no crime, in fact there is Something Lurking Under the Ice. Continue reading

Interview: Sofie Gråbøl, Fortitude


screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-09-46-17We still love Sofie Gråbøl. The groundbreaking Danish actress was outstanding in The Killing – which bashed down the doors when it came to Nordic Noir – and has been a joy to watch in pretty much everything she has appeared in before or since. She popped up in series one of Sky’s enjoyable if entirely daft crime/horror mash-up, Fortitude, and now she’s back for a second run. We managed to get hold of an interview with Sofie, which you can read after the jumperoo. Continue reading

Sky Atlantic reveals first trailer from Fortitude season two


_AS02788_1Fortitude was a big-budget, wow-cast crime/horror mash-up from 2014 and it was good, if completely barmy stuff, telling the story of a small community in Iceland who slowly went insane after some ancient virus was disturbed and began to wreak havoc in the 21st century. We all know that’s returning in early 2017 for a second series, and now Sky Atalntic has released the first trailer from the new run. Continue reading