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Stranger Things season three trailer released

Do we keep going with Stranger Things?

Its first series showed a spot-on mash-up of crime, conspiracy and horror – The X-Files meets The Goonies perhaps – but as time has worn on the crime element of the show has diminished somewhat. Still, Netflix – the series’ home – presses on with its brilliant PR campaign. Once again, you can’t fault the series’ 1980s look or feel, and cultural references and fabulous soundtrack.

Here’s the latest trailer…

Stranger Things III: Wednesday 4th July, Netflix


Independence Day premiere date for Stranger Things

Even though the crime element of Stranger Things is now negligible, we’re going to carry on keeping you abreast of any developments because so many people enjoy this nostalgia-heavy, 1980s-set fantasy/horror/conspiracy/thriller mash-up.

We know it’s coming back this year for an eagerly anticipated third series, and Netflix, the show’s streaming home, has announced its return in characteristically flamboyant and cryptic style.

By way of a New Year’s Eve countdown-style video teaser.

Series Review: Stranger Things (S2 E1-9/9), Netflix

NB: Spoilers Inside

How do you follow up the biggest TV hit of 2016? That’s the question that’s been tantalising fans of Stranger Things since it crept onto Netflix a year ago. What started out as a word-of-mouth cult show soon mutated into a genuine internet phenomenon, making superstars of the cast of child actors and kick-starting a miniature revival of all things 1980s. A near-perfect blend of mystery, thriller and horror neatly wrapped up in the comforting warmth of pop culture nostalgia, it clearly struck a chord with viewers and critics alike, making it into Netflix’s top 10 most binge-watched shows. Now it’s back, and with a four-season arc planned, how do you improve on a formula many felt was flawless in the first place? Where’s Eleven now? Did Will get over that nasty cough? What was that thing in the sky? Will Joyce be bulk buying fairy lights this season? There’s many mysteries left to solve as we go upside down once again… Continue reading Series Review: Stranger Things (S2 E1-9/9), Netflix

Netflix releases final Stranger Things 2 trailer

One of the big things coming up in the next few weeks leading up to Halloween is series two of Netflix’s much-loved cult hit, Stranger Things. The crime/horror mash-up took the world by storm last year, its pitch-perfect homage to Stephens/Stevens King and Spielberg, it weaved a supernatural, conspiratorial story around a small-town mystery. Now Netflix has released a final, extended trailer, which is sure to massage expectation and interest even further. Continue reading Netflix releases final Stranger Things 2 trailer

Netflix releases new trailer for Stranger Things 2

One of the more anticipated dramas of the year is series two of Stranger Things. The horror/crime mash-up was a word-of-mouth megahit last year and the PR wheels have been turning for a month or so now. This weekend saw Comic-Con in San Diego produce all kinds of bits and pieces, but one of the things people were raving about was a full, proper trailer. You can see it after the jump… Continue reading Netflix releases new trailer for Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things reveals second series transmission date, plotlines

One of the most eagerly awaited shows of the year – the second series of Netflix horror/crime mash-up Stranger Things – has come out on its social media channels to reveal the transmission date of said second series. As you would imagine, details in a new teaser trailer are scarce, but it’ll be a dooze for sure. Details after the jump! Continue reading Stranger Things reveals second series transmission date, plotlines

Stranger Things reveals series two trailer during Superbowl

gwacob6woislTo those not interested in the NFL or the Superbowl, the whole hoopla of the showpiece event of the sport might have passed them by. It often draws hundreds of millions of viewers from around the world, which often means that advertising on US television becomes one of the more prestigious slots of the advertising year. You could argue that a Superbowl without the special Superbowl adverts is not a Superbowl. This year, there were ‘controversial’ adverts from the likes of Budweiser and Audi that took shots against the growing isolationism of the country’s new government, but for TV fans, it was the full trailer for Stranger Things that piqued interest. Have a look after the jump. Continue reading Stranger Things reveals series two trailer during Superbowl

Netflix news: Stranger Things 2 and Riverdale

stranger-things-season-2-episode-titlesThe last post I, um, posted was singing the praises of linear TV and the pleasure that can be taken in large groups of people tuning in once a week to watch something that has them hooked. On the flipside is the streaming revolution, where portals like Netflix provide whole series to be consumed greedily in one or two sittings. It’s a new way of watching and a model that has become increasingly popular. But any which way you watch depends entirely on the content – only if the content’s good will you watch, whatever way the channel/service is allowing you to watch it. So Netflix is onto a winner because its content is so good. So we have some Stranger Things – that word-of-mouth hit from last year and new of something that’s starting TOMORROW. Continue reading Netflix news: Stranger Things 2 and Riverdale

The Goonies’ Sean Astin heading to Stranger Things Series 2

stranger-things-title-cardNetflix’s Stranger Things has been one of the word-of-mouth mega-hits of the year – with good reason, it was terrific stuff – and things are beginning to gear up for series two, which will (hopefully) come out next year. We’ve already been told that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is returning, which is brilliant news because both the character and the young actress who played her were simply sensational. Now there’s word that two new cast members have signed up for series two, and one of them is just PERFECT.   Continue reading The Goonies’ Sean Astin heading to Stranger Things Series 2

Eleven set to return in series two of Stranger Things

strangerthings-1280jpg-19acd4_1280wStranger Things was the word-of-mouth hit of the year, Netflix’s 80s mash-up of crime and horror gaining enormous viewing figures (indeed, it was the show that tipped me over the edge and prompted me to finally subscribe). The ending was a flurry of monsters and kinetic energy, and one of the main characters – Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) – seemed to sacrifice her own life to vanquish the monster. However, it seems that Eleven will be back for series two… Continue reading Eleven set to return in series two of Stranger Things