Transmission date for The Bridge IIII confirmed


It has been a long time coming – too long a time coming. But now we know and I’m not going to waffle on because everyone’s keen to get on with it, so simply go over the jump to find out when series four of The Bridge will be broadcast on BBC Two. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

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Hans Rosenfeldt: Saga should have died in series one


You don’t have to tell us, but series four of The Bridge has been a long time coming. Far too long a time coming. In fact, a ridiculous amount of time to wait. This fourth and final series of the crime drama heavyweight has been and gone on the mainland, so we are playing catch-up. But… here we go. During a launch at London’s BFI, the cast – including Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhardt, as well as writers Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren – were in attendance for a Q&A after a screening of the first episode. And there was some really interesting nuggets from the evening. Continue reading

Sofia Helin pays touching tribute to Saga Norén


By now pretty much the rest of Europe has been digesting the final ever episode of The Bridge, which aired in most European countries on Sunday night. It must have been an emotional moment for so many viewers – but of course, we here in the UK wouldn’t know because the fourth series has been kept from us by the BBC. We’re hearing that it’ll be ‘the spring’ when The Bridge finally makes its way over to these shores, but in the meantime, it’s goodbyes all round, not least from the star of the show herself – Sofia Helin. Continue reading

Hans Rosenfeldt: Kim Bodnia said no to series four Bridge return


We often wondered if Kim Bodnia’s Martin Rohde would make a dramatic return for the fourth and final installment of The Bridge. It would make sense to come back for one last final hurrah, and would have been a really interesting plot-point: how would Saga deal with Martin’s return when she’s now with Henrik Sabroe? And, of course, for fans of the show it would have been a real boon: we fell in love with flawed Martin as soon as he set foot onscreen, and his relationship with Saga was surely one of crime drama’s best during the past decade. Sadly, we now hear it’s definitely not happening. Continue reading

Sofia Helin retires from The Bridge… with a hammock


Our friends in Europe are mere hours away from series four of The Bridge (while us chumps in the UK still await confirmation of the transmission date on BBC Two). We knew that this was going to be the very last run of this outstanding Swedish series, but it still feels funny to see its star, Sofia Helin, talk about the show in the past tense. And she has been talking about it. Continue reading

Hans Rosenfeldt: The Bridge IV inspired by refugee crisis


The brilliant Hans Rosenfeldt, the man behind The Bridge, always talks of the ‘second story’ when answering questions about the differences between Scandinavian crime dramas and those from, say, the UK or the US. The ‘second story’ refers that strong socio-political context that fires much of the best output from the region. Now, with the premiere of series four mere days away for our friends on mainland Europe (before you ask, incredibly there’s still no word as to when it’ll appear in the UK), Rosenfeldt has spoken about the inspiration for this fourth and final series. Continue reading