Interview: David Morrissey, The Missing


624-1Next week sees the return of the Williams brothers’ The Missing, a new story that follows 2014’s harrowing six-parter starring James Nesbitt, Frances O’Connor and Tchéky Karyo. Karyo returns for this second series, but the new parents plunged into heartbreak this time around are Keeley Hawes and David Morrissey. We managed to get hold of an interview with Morrissey (David, not the guy out of The Smiths), which you can read after the jump. Continue reading


BBC confirms transmission date for season two of The Missing

624Back in 2014, the Williams brothers’ The Missing enthralled viewers with its choppy narrative and emotional story of parents searching for their missing son, who had disappeared while on holiday in France. It was soon announced that a second series had been commissioned and that an all-new story would be at its heart. Now we know that story, and we now know when the eight-part story will start.

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BBC releases first trailer for season two of The Missing


the-missing-france-3-tcheky-karyo-le-scenario-est-vraiment-brillant-_news_fullNo sooner has one Williams brothers series finished, another one is just starting to crank up. We’re a month or so away from the second series of The Missing – this time starring the excellent Keeley Hawes and David Morrissey – but a new teaser has hit the streets, featuring the gravel-voiced Tchéky Karyo’s Julien Baptiste in fine, foreboding form. It doesn’t reveal too much, but it does tell us that there’s a different spin in this second series – that of a missing child who reappears after 12 years after her initial disappearance. Continue reading

BBC announces cast and plot lines for season two of The Missing


20131009-walkingdead-x624-1381342735The Williams brothers’ hit kidnap drama, The Missing, was a huge hit for BBC1 when it first appeared in 2014, and since then we’ve known that this will be anthology series, with each subsequent story featuring new characters and a new, horrifying tale. Today the BBC announced not only a top-name cast but also plot lines for series two, which has begun filming. This means that this second series may well be with us this year. Read on for the details… Continue reading

Review: The Missing (S1 E8/8), Tuesday 16th December, BBC1


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Like Broadchurch before it, The Missing has become the most talked about crime drama of the year. It has been a classic whodunit wrapped up in the emotive blanket of a child abduction case. So who did it? Why did they do it? And, crucially, what really happened to little Oliver Hughes? Continue reading

Whodunit? The key suspects in The Missing


p02949t8I’ve had my issues with The Missing (I’ll detail them more when I review the final episode) but there’s no denying that writers Harry and Jack Williams have done a good job of revealing just enough in each episode to keep us interested, and keeping enough concealed to make tonight’s finale (Tuesday 16th December) a must watch. We’re still none the wiser as to who abducted Oliver Hughes (and his fate), but there is a list of suspects. Have a look at them after the jump. Continue reading

Review: The Missing (S1 E7/8), Tuesday 9th December, BBC1



Three years after the disappearance of Oliver Hughes something else horrid happened in the region of Chalons Du Bois. In the blink of an eye another little boy was snatched from under the noses of their parents in a school car park. Only two miles from where Oliver was taken. Suddenly we were plunged into more myriad feelings – the teeth-gnashing horror of another abduction, waves of sympathy for the new set of parents but also confusion. Here was yet another timeline to get to grips with. It felt like too many cooks; another needless layer to delay the inevitable – finding out what happened to Oliver Hughes. Continue reading