Series three of Unforgotten to begin filming, adds cast and plotlines


All the heavy hitters are coming out to play in 2018, and our top-rated British series from last year – Unforgotten – is one of them. Starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, the cold-case series is as sensitive and beautifully written and acted as it is enthralling. The good news is that filming is about to begin this month on the third series. Continue reading


ITV recommissions Unforgotten for third series


unforgotten2Twenty-seventeen has already proved to be a busy, varied and excellent year for crime drama, with several series already hitting the mark. One of those early trailblazers has been ITV’s Unforgotten, which was both a critical and ratings success when it returned for a second series in January. Now we’ve received news that it will be returning for a third series. Continue reading

Review: Unforgotten (S2 E6/6), Thursday 9th February, ITV


unforgotten2We are now at the stage in Unforgotten where, if you have been following the fates of our four suspects and have come to feel affectionate towards them, you need to stick your fingers in your ears and chant: “La la la – not listening!”

NB: Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers

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Review: Unforgotten (S2 E4/6), Thursday 26th January, ITV


unforgotten2It says much for the crafting of Unforgotten – Chris Lang’s writing and Andy Wilson’s direction – that we want to spend quality time with these characters. Over the past year there have been several series during which we itched to fast-forward through the kind of perfunctory and clunky ‘Basil Exposition moments’ that film critic Mark Kermode would rail at. Not here. As with the first series, we want to live every minute with these suspects – not for blood sport, but because we’d kind of like them as neighbours under normal circumstances (well, perhaps not Nurse Marion (Rosie Cavaliero).  Continue reading

Review: Unforgotten (S1 E2/6), Thursday 12th January, ITV


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DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) must really have been feeling her age in this week’s episode, having to explain the workings of such antiquated technology as pagers to her squad of millennials.Toothsome techie Nathan from the phone shop has managed to salvage fragments of the texts recorded on the pager on a 26-year-old corpse of murder victim David Walker, so back at the station, Cassie and the team are all playing a macabre version of hangman, filling in the blanks to find out who might have stabbed him to death, sealed him in a suitcase, and flung him in the River Lea. Continue reading