Review: Vera (S6 E4/4), Sunday 21st February, ITV


vera_s5_ep1[1]It’s a tough life being a fisherman, but you’d think it would be tougher being a fish; not so when you end up dead in your own nets. Trawlerman Tommy Stonnall had been missing for weeks, says harbourmaster Frank (David Calder), but death took place only 24 hours ago.  You can practically smell the fish as the body’s examined, revealing a head wound.

NB: Review = spoilers
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Review: Vera (S6 E3/4), Sunday 14th February, ITV


vera_s5_ep1[1]After last week’s less than stellar effort, which barely came to grips with its plot, let alone the implications of the death of Bethany, this episode opens with two indignities, when a terrified woman is chased through a dark forest by unseen assailants, and is then found dead by an ancient woodsman stopping to have a wee.

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Review: Vera (S6 E1/4), Sunday 31st January, ITV


ITV STUDIOS PRESENTS VERA EPISODE 1 Pictured: KINGSLEY BEN-ADIR as DR Marcus Summer,BRENDA BELTHYN as DCI Vera Stanhope and CUSH JUMBO as DC Bethany Whelan. This image is the copyright of ITV.

Vera, TV’s tattiest detective (post-Columbo) returned for a sixth outing last night, her grimy old raincoat bustling like sails in the brisk, forlorn Northumbrian winds, and still chiding her young colleagues with that unsettling voice that sounds by turns like black treacle slipping off a spoon to the shrillness of iron nails scraping down a windowpane. One thing at least looks slightly different; our dowdy DCI has obviously found a decent hairdresser – the style is shorter, chic-er and a fetching darker shade to cover the grey. This may or may not have been influenced by the delicately coiffed hair of her elegant DC Bethany Whelan (Cush Jumbo). Give it up, V, Beth’s gorgeous.   Continue reading

Interview: Brenda Blethyn, Vera


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 17.11.11You know what you’re getting with Vera – solid, tightly-plotted crime drama with an outstanding central performance from Brenda Blethyn and stories that are informed as much by the northeast landscape than they are from the characters. Series six of the adaptation of Ann Cleeves’ novels is upon us this weekend, and we managed to get hold of an interview with Brenda Blethyn, which is after the jump. Continue reading