The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd October)


It’s starting to get busy in crime drama land. (When isn’t it?) Rellik and Liar come to a close this week, but starting over on ITV Encore is series two of bonkers Nordic Noir, Jordskött, and the BBC’s 17th-century mystery, Gunpowder. There’s also something I missed last week – series two of Riverdale over on Netflix, which gets a new episode every week. Enjoy! Continue reading


Review: Mindhunter (E1-10/10), Netflix


NB: Spoilers inside

You’d have thought that after the likes of Se7en and Zodiac that Hollywood director David Fincher would’ve exhausted all he needed to say about serial killers, but not so. Mindhunter, a 10-part series available on Netflix and based on the memoirs of ex-FBI agent John Douglas (called Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit), sees Fincher team with writer and playwright Joe Penhall to go back to the mid-1970s when serial killers were all the rage in America and the FBI’s understanding of them was just beginning to form. As ever with Netflix series, you’re never sure what form these series will take – was Mindhunter to be a procedural? If not, was it going to be simply a study of psychopathy and explore the nurture versus nature argument? It was both of these things and more, and certainly one of the best and most accomplished crime dramas of the year. Continue reading

Review: Rellik (S1 E5/6), Monday 9th October, BBC One



Rellik really has been one of those series that has been difficult to fathom. It has taken patience on our part, but in the last two episodes that patience has been rewarded with some meaty pay-offs. It hasn’t been easy going, though – we’re so conditioned to following stories in a linear, start-to-finish way, it’s sometimes been hard to free ourselves of convention and follow this story as is. But, of course, Rellik is a linear story of a fashion, just one that starts at the end and finishes at the beginning. There were meatier reveals last night as the story sped back to the start of the acid killer murders, and ones that would eventually reveal the killer. or certainly a killer. Continue reading

ITV confirms transmission date for Jordskott II


I was asked to keep schtum about the return of series two of bonkers Swedish crime drama, Jordskott, by ITV when I was putting together our big autumn preview, because the network hadn’t fully dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. But now the network has announced when the eight-part series coming back, and it’s very soon indeed. Continue reading

Review: Liar (S1 E5/6), Monday 9th October, ITV



This fifth episode of Liar really did threaten to get out of hand and stretch the boundaries of credulity in every which way, but it certainly started in considered fashion. The first 20 minutes or followed Laura’s continuing journey from an unheard survivor of rape to a vengeful survivor of rape, the unveiling of Laura and Tom’s relationship, and the fall-out from Earlham’s abuse of DI Vanessa Harmon, which we saw take place at the end of episode four. Continue reading

The Killing Times Dispatches: Twin Peaks UK Festival


Twin Peaks: The Return has been one of the television events of the year, no question. Its dizzying, surreal, visceral, infuriating, terrifying, stunning brilliance not only confirmed that David Lynch is still one of the most creative and notable auteurs of both the 20th and 21st centuries but also… there’s still nothing out there like Twin Peaks. During the weekend, the eighth annual Twin Peaks UK Festival took place at the resplendent, Modernist Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre in north London, complete with cabaret, film screenings and Q&As with cast members old and new. It was quite the weekend. Continue reading