Review: Kiri (S1 E1/4), Wednesday 10th January, Channel 4


Whenever Channel 4 produces its own drama, you sit up and take notice. The channel doesn’t produce anywhere near as much as it should, but when it does it’s usually of the highest quality. Past series (like last year’s Born To Kill, and things like the Red Riding trilogy and Samantha Morton and Tony Grisoni’s The Unloved) have always been thought-provoking, beautifully and artfully shot and often involve talent of the highest quality. In the past few years, writer Jack Thorne has proven himself to be one of the country’s very best, especially after his last Channel 4 series, National Treasure (read our reviews of that here). He’s back with another four-part crime story, and if it continues as it did during this first episode, it’ll be another fine series. Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sian Reese-Williams, Craith


One episode in and S4C’s Craith looks set to be the next Welsh-language hit. Its star, Sian Reese-Williams, appeared in other S4C crime drama stalwarts Y Gwyll/Hinterland and 35 Diwrnod, but here she’s the driving force of the show, playing DI Cadi John. Craith has everything you expect from the burgeoning Welsh-language crime drama subgenre, and it feels like there’s more to come. We managed to catch up with Sian, the fruits of which appear over the jump. Continue reading

Review: The Tunnel (S3 E5&6/6), Thursday 11th January, Sky Atlantic



Towards the end of this season’s conclusion, a character says “it’s naive to think you can save every victim”. That haunting ethos flows throughout the last two episodes of The Tunnel, as the hunt for The Ratter heightens and culminates in an absolutely heartbreaking coda for the show. It’s not me crying, it’s you. Continue reading

Luther series five begins filming; adds cast and plotlines revealed


When the news hit last year that Idris Elba would be back in Neil Cross’s Luther, the crime drama universe frothed at the mouth a little bit – it’s one of the highest-rating shows in the genre, and one of the BBC’s biggest exports. I still maintain that the new, fifth series will be broadcast this year, so it was heartening to see that Elba had donned the coat and had begun filming in London. Not only that, we get news about plotlines and new cast additions. Continue reading

Stephen Dorff to co-star in True Detective III


You can’t knock True Detective for juicy casting news. In the past it has attracted A listers like Matthew McConaughy, Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams et al, and already series three has nabbed Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali. Now the series has signed up another well-known name from Hollywood. Continue reading

Review: Craith (S1 E1/8), Sunday 7th January, S4C



There’s something about Welsh-language dramas. Hinterland/Y Gwyll was a big hit with readers of this site, placing as it did a nuggety procedural in the stunning landscapes of the Ceredigion region, featuring an almost forgotten people – rural, working-class folk whose beefs with one another have been going on for decades, hidden in the trees and on the remote farms. It looks as though we’ve had our fill of Hinterland/Y Gwyll (there hasn’t been any confirmation either way, but it feels like it), but here’s something to take its place: Craith, an eight-part series created by co-creator of Hinterland/Y Gwyll, Ed Talfan, and Hinterland/Y Gwyll writer, Mark Andrew. If this first episode is anything to go by, it could well surpass Hinterland/Y Gwyll. Continue reading