Ann Cleeves and Brenda Blethyn reveal that Vera will return for a ninth series in 2019


Vera – the ITV drama based on the novels by Ann Cleeves and starring Brenda Blethyn – is such a solid and enjoyable watch on a Sunday evenings, and the ratings for series eight have certainly proved it: over six million people (6.1 yesterday) have watched it for the past four weeks, making it one of the most popular crime shows on British television. Its many fans will be delighted to hear that it’ll be back for more in 2019. Continue reading


ITV confirms Vera transmission date


I’ve just reeled off five news stories detailing transmission details for pretty much everything that’s happening in the first two weeks of January (it’s a lot), and now there’s another one – this time ITV’s hugely watchable Vera, starring the fabulous Brenda Blethyn. Series eight is on its way… Continue reading

Interview: Brenda Blethyn, Vera


Series seven of Vera starts tonight (Sunday 19th March) on ITV in the UK, and, as ever, it showcases the talents of one of Britain’s finest actors – Brenda Blethyn. Adapted from crime writing legend Ann Cleeves’ Vera Stanhope novels, the series has become a bit of a Sunday-night institution. Series seven starts when Vera investigates the body of a wildlife ranger, found on a remote island off the coast of Northumberland. Her death is at first assumed to be an accident, since she was alone on the island when she died, but marks on the body seem to point to murder. A few weeks ago I went along to ITV’s HQ to chat to Brenda about Vera. But with Brenda it’s never just about one thing – she’s just a hoot and a delight, with an infectious laugh and an endless stream of stories. Have a read after the jump… Continue reading

ITV announces transmission date for series seven of Vera


ITV’s adaptations of Ann Cleeves’s best-selling Vera Stanhope novels have attained national treasure status, largely thanks to the brilliant Brenda Blethyn in the lead role. Now the series is back for a seventh run, and Vera and her team are drawn into four new mysteries, including the death of a wildlife ranger left alone overnight on a remote and inaccessible island. ITV has announced the transmission date. Continue reading

Review: Vera (S6 E4/4), Sunday 21st February, ITV


vera_s5_ep1[1]It’s a tough life being a fisherman, but you’d think it would be tougher being a fish; not so when you end up dead in your own nets. Trawlerman Tommy Stonnall had been missing for weeks, says harbourmaster Frank (David Calder), but death took place only 24 hours ago.  You can practically smell the fish as the body’s examined, revealing a head wound.

NB: Review = spoilers
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Review: Vera (S6 E3/4), Sunday 14th February, ITV


vera_s5_ep1[1]After last week’s less than stellar effort, which barely came to grips with its plot, let alone the implications of the death of Bethany, this episode opens with two indignities, when a terrified woman is chased through a dark forest by unseen assailants, and is then found dead by an ancient woodsman stopping to have a wee.

NB: Spoilers ahoy! Continue reading